Pink for girls, blue for boys? If it seems to you that this rule has long been outdated, we offer a more modern option – design a children’s room in a loft style.

Key points to know about style In the classical understanding, the loft space is a rough finish, raw wood, brick or concrete walls, and visible wiring. But for a child, this can hardly be called safe. Therefore, at the heart of a loft-style children’s room is the embodiment of industrial design ideas with the help of comfortable materials that do not pose a danger to the owner.

Zoning features

The simplest design is for a newborn. There are three zones: a bedroom – a crib, storage – a chest of drawers or a closet, rest and feeding – a sofa or an armchair.

In the room of the baby and preschooler, the main thing is the play area. Toys, books, and favorite things of the child are stored here.

School-age is, first of all, a study area with a comfortable desk and chair, and a thoughtful storage system for books and supplies.

Finishing Environmental friendliness and safety are the main criteria for choosing finishing materials.

Walls Wallpaper or paint is usually used here . If you are renovating a preschool kid’s room, choose finishing materials that can be washed, such as vinyl or non-woven wallpaper. Among the paints and varnishes, water-borne (dispersion) paints will be suitable , but pay attention to the labeling.

Floor The floor must also meet quality and environmental standards. Most often it is covered with parquet or laminate. For the design of the loft, artificial materials with a natural wood finish are suitable.

Ceiling In finishing the ceiling of any apartment, a simple rule applies: the simpler, the better. The white matte ceiling is so versatile that it will fit in all areas. In a private house, you can decorate a high ceiling with wooden beams.

Loft-style children’s furniture  Furniture supports the overall style.

For kids, furniture made of wood is suitable. This is an environmentally friendly and safe solution

Curly cribs, fashionable today, can be easily added into the design. The main thing is that they should not be decorated with additional painting or a canopy.

For older children, you can choose a metal bed. It will perfectly emphasize industrial design. For example, IKEA has a two-tier Tuffing model or an attic-type product from the same series.

Open shelves and racks are also a feature of the industrial space. Choose from metal and wood.

Lighting Visible wiring is not a very good solution for a nursery, and the age of the child does not matter here. It is better to isolate the wires and support the design with a chandelier or lamps.

Decor Designers advise the following technique in decorating a nursery for a teenager in a loft style: parents choose the main finish, coordinate the choice with their daughter or son, and accessories and decor chosen by the child. Moreover, the industrial style will withstand any decorations, even if they do not match each other.