Decorating with red – 16 ways to use this versatile color

1. Create An Energizing And Warm Welcome With A Red Painted Hallway

Decorating with red in a hallway, by painting a darker red beneath the dado level and a light neutral above creates both a practical and warm welcome to a hallway. The reds do not show up as easily scuffs and marks that can be associated with high-traffic areas but adds a warming feel which is balanced by the paler shades.

2. Add Heat In The Kitchen

Add a flash of heat to your kitchen design with painted red cupboards contrasting with lighter walls using a complementary shade for a two-tone scheme. It's worth learning how to use the color wheel for interior design so that you use the right complementary colors. This freestanding larder cupboard is rich and comforting against the mellow yellow walls, for a sophisticated look.

3. Use Subtle Red Trimmings In A Bedroom

Just a hint of red in a scheme is sometimes all that is needed in a bedroom, which needs to be a restful space. Accessorise a neutral scheme with red-trimmed white bedlinen, and team with smaller decorative accessories, such as artworks, glassware, and candles for harmony for a relaxing bedroom idea.

4. Create A Fully Immersive Effect

There is no better way to increase the feeling of cosy, fireside warmth than with walls painted floor to ceiling that reflect the colors of dancing flames. Team with a complementary throw to enhance the cocooning experience.

5. Introduce Red In Fabric And Textile Prints

Red floor-length interlined curtains are not only elegant and cozy when drawn against a cold winter’s night, but when trimmed with bright bobble braids and juxtaposed with contrasting wall paint, they become a style statement as modern curtain ideas.

6. Balance Red With Other Colors

When used wall-to-wall red can dominate a room, to temper the hue consider teaming it with other colors, as done here in this playful living room paint idea. The band of Deep Space Blue and yellow skirting in this space help to break the large expanse of Bronze Red, plus the effect highlights the height and the architecture of the room.

7. Use Red To Create An Inviting Atmosphere

Paint is a quick and easy way to instantly change the mood of a room. 'The darker the color the more light it absorbs – so reds, plumbs and terracottas will visually bring walls inwards making a room look warm and inviting,' explains Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown.

8. Create Wow-Factor With An All-Red Scheme

Using red wall-to-wall in a living room, as well as over joinery, is guaranteed to bring drama to a room while still feeling cozy and inviting.

9. Bring Warmth To Neutral Schemes

Decorating with gray is a brilliant way to bring a versatile, neutral backdrop for layering striking living room furniture, lighting and artwork, however, used in isolation it can feel cold. To bring warmth and life to a dining room without over-powering the space, consider adding a rich red rug as done in this stylish space – be sure to choose a design with subtle texture to bring depth as a bold, flat color may look to jarring.

10. Bring Personality To A Home Office

When it comes to home office paint colors practicality is key, but it's also important they are inspiring and uplifting places to be. If you're planning on decorating with neutrals  on walls, why not paint a piece of furniture such as a bookshelf or home office desk in a bold red to add an element of fun that will lift the spirits without disturbing the calm.

11. Use Red As An Accent Color

Carrying an accent color across the floor can help a large red kitchen feel cohesively connected from every angle. ‘As this large spacious room has very high ceilings, it was important to create meaningful points of interest within,’ explains Annie Ebenston, lead designer at Blakes London.

12. Highlight Architectural Features

If you love red but aren't confident enough to use it in large quantities, try introducing it over smaller areas such as on interior woodwork and furniture.

13. Use Deep Reds For A Cocooning Atmosphere

Vibrant reds can be overpowering in a bedroom, so if you're looking to create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere perfect for hibernating try darker tones, such as burgundy, which contains hints of black to visually bring the walls in to give create an enveloping feel in this red bedroom.

14. Make A Statement With Red, White And Blue

Bold hues such as red can look show-stopping when introduced through candy stripes or as part of a bold chequered feature flooring idea. If you're thinking of introducing high-contrast patterns, then it's important to balance them with a color that is equally as powerful.

15. Add An Element Of Surprise

Cloakrooms are a great space to be fun with decor as they are only used for small period of time. An all-red space is guaranteed to create a talking point with visitors, however, you don't need to decorate with lots of red to create an impact, just a well chosen accessory is enough to bring an impact in a small space.

16. Introduce Red Furniture

A red sideboard or console table is a wonderful way to add personality and interest to a hallway, while keeping it feeling bright and welcoming. 'A firm favorite piece of furniture of ours is the Julian Chichester Wave cabinet. We absolutely love it as it's bold, big and a great storage idea for all your drinks and accessories,' says Emma Deterding.

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