Decorating with plants – 11 ways to display houseplants

Decorating with plants is a wonderful way to bring life and vitality to interiors. There's nothing like lush greenery to brighten up a living space, plus the positive impact plants have on our health and wellbeing is well documented.

1. Fill Your Shelves With House Plants

For many interior designer and stylists, plants are a must have when it comes to decorating shelves.

2. Soften Partition Shelving

A selection of different indoor plants can make the perfect finishing touch to a room divider in an open-plan living room.

3. More Is More

When it comes to decorating with plants don't hold back, as abundance is the key to a successful botanical theme, says Helen Parker, creative director at Devol. From shelves and windowsills and even hanging from the ceiling, think creatively about how you can use them to create an immersive and magical feel.

4. Layer Plants At Different Heights

Layering plants is a lovely way to bring life and interest to a white living room. Choose a variety of forms and shapes and display them at different heights, either raised on stands or hung as part of a gallery wall, for an indoor jungle feel.

5. Decorate With Indoor Trees To Create A Focal Point

If the indoor jungle look is too much, just a few carefully positioned can be enough to elevate a space. When decorating with plants, homeowners are increasingly searching for large statement plants to create a focal point say the experts.

6. Place Plants On The Windowsill

The windowsill is the perfect place to display light-loving house plants. However, when it comes to how to care for house plants in winter, be careful about keeping them here – while they will appreciate the daylight, some can be damaged by the drafts and fluctuations in temperature.

7. Arrange Plants Around The Bed

As places of recuperation and relaxation, bedrooms are the perfect place to embrace biophillic design – the practice of using nature to bring harmony. By placing the best air cleaning plants near your bed, you can help create a healthy environment for sleep.

8. Create A Bathroom Oasis

Bathrooms can easily be overlooked when it comes to decorating with plants, but as humid spaces they make the perfect environment for many indoor plants, plus will help bring a magical, spa-like feel to the space.

9. Think About The Container

When arranging indoor plants think about the pot or container they are displayed in and choose a vessel to match your decor. Terracotta pots will bring rustic charm perfect for farmhouse kitchens while a woven basket would be perfect for bringing texture to a Scandinavian living room.

10. Group Plants On A Table

Whether part of your entry table decor ideas or displayed on a table by a window, clustering plants together is a lovely way to create a decorative focal point. For best results pick a variety of different leaf shapes and forms, and stagger the heights, placing the tallest at the back and small pots at the front.

11. Brighten Up A Corner

It can be tricky to know what to do with an empty living room corner, but adding a large houseplant will instantly bring purpose and brighten up the space.

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