Decorating with pattern – 11 ways to embrace print at home

1. Use Pattern As A Starting Point For A Scheme

Be it wallpaper, fabric, or even a lampshade, a pattern can be a great source of inspiration if you're struggling to decide on room color ideas or color combinations for rooms. Similarly, patterns can also be a useful finishing touch for pulling together colors within a room.

2. Choose Small-Scale Prints For Subtle Depth And Interest

Using delicate repeat prints over upholstery is a wonderful way to bring subtle interest and depth to rooms with plain walls.

3. Choose Contrasting Colors For An Eclectic Look

Decorating with patterned fabrics is a great way to introduce color without it dominating a space – for a unified yet playful feel try layering complementary designs in contrasting shades.

4. Start Small

If you’re cautious about decorating with patterns then limiting it to small areas is a good place to start. For a fun focal point in an otherwise neutral master bedroom or guest bedroom try upholstering a headboard in a bold, patterned fabric. For a small bedroom, a small-scale repeat design will provide enough interest to draw the eye without dominating the space.

5. Create A Timeless Look With Stripes

If you’re looking for a timeless print you can’t go wrong by decorating with stripes. Featuring dainty floral designs inspired by folk embroideries of Eastern Europe, this small-scale Trousseau wallpaper from the Daydress collection at Dado Atelier will bring a feminine feel to any room and offers a lovely mix of tones that can be picked out as accent colors for use on furniture and accessories. You could even pick out a color for use on interior woodwork.

6. Don't Be Afraid To Mix Different Prints

Mixing prints in different scales is an easy way to create depth and interest. For an eclectic bohemian living room throw caution to the wind and mix colors and scales galore, alternatively, for a look that is engaging but still restful, use a small-scale pattern in similar tones.

7. Choose A Scale To Match The Mood

When it comes to choosing patterned wallpaper, be sure to take into account the size of the room and the look you create say the experts, as different designs can impact the mood and feel. 'Wallpapers have the power to make small rooms look cozy rather than cramped and larger spaces appear grand rather than minimal,' says interior designer Sarah Vanrenen.

8. Use Small-Scale Prints As A Subtle Backdrop For Collections

Simple, small-scale repeat wallpapers work particularly well as backdrops for decorating with art and decorative objects. Here the Seto Mini wallpaper in Spring by Brook Perdigon at The Fabric Collective beautifully sets off a curated display.

9. Use Pattern To Bring An Element Of Surprise To Practical Spaces

As transient spaces bathrooms and downstairs cloakrooms can make fabulous rooms for decorating with patterns. With its playful, hand-painted geometric design repeated on a cream base, Ottoline’s Improvisation wallpaper makes a fun talking point and offers plenty of options for complementary colors. To balance the busy design, why not pair bathroom wallpapers with painted paneling as done here by Salvesen Graham?

10. Create Calm With Nature-Inspired Designs

To evoke a feeling of tranquility and calm then take a cue from nature and harness its nurturing properties with a sinuous botanical wallpaper. Decorating with botanicals is a look that works anywhere in the home, but nature-inspired prints are particularly suited to restful spaces like bedrooms.

11. Make A Statement With Flamboyant Florals

If you're looking for traditional decorating ideas you can't go wrong with chintzy florals. Used wall-to-wall in a dining room they will bring drama and a sense of occasion, but if using them in a bedroom limit them to curtains, a bedframe, or a small armchair to make sure the room remains restful and consider balancing the print with plains.

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