Decorating with orange – how best to use this vibrant and versatile color in interior schemes

Create An Energizing Home Office With Orange Wallpaper

With the decorating boundaries of studies and home offices now nicely blurred, inspire your working space with wallpaper in a detailed print. Orange is an energizing color that will help to inspire productivity and creativity as a home office idea – when used with caution.

Add Warmth To A Bathroom With Orange Walls

Whilst painting a drafty bathroom a warm color won’t affect the actual temperature in the room, it can create a great deal of psychological warmth, especially when you add treasured wall art, accessories and plants. As a bathroom color idea, orange is definitely one to consider.

Choose Upholstery In Orange

Dropping orange into a neutral scheme by way of upholstery, soft furnishings, or as an accent wall offers a more measured approach to its use. Elevate a taupe-paneled dining room idea with a set of luxurious burnt orange velvet dining chairs.

Juxtapose Orange With Contrasting Colors

If you are decorating with teal, for instance, adding pops of burnt orange into the scheme offers decoration that you will never tire of. It is worth learning how to use a color wheel for interior design so that you can see how orange works with colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. 'Burnt orange makes fabulous partnerships with teal and with surprise elements of subdued blush pinks,' says Helen Sanderson.

Make An Impression With Bold Orange Walls

When used wall-to-wall, zesty oranges are guaranteed to make a statement and bring joy and energy to any space. If you're looking for hallway paint ideas then orange is a brilliant choice as it will create a warm and joyful welcome for guests.

Use Rich, Rusty Tones For A Cozy Feel

When it comes to decorating with orange paint colors, it's important to think about the warmth of the color as this can impact the look and feel of the space.

Layer Up Different Tones Of Orange

When decorating in a single hue it's important to factor in plenty of variations in tone and texture to ensure the scheme has life and depth, otherwise orange rooms can run the risk of feeling flat.

Balance Orange With Pastel Pink

Orange can be a powerful and dominating color when used in isolation, so if you're thinking of using it for your living room paint ideas then consider combining the shade with softer colors such as pastel pink suggests Annie Sloan.

Add A Splash Of Orange To A Kitchen Island

Kitchens are rooms we spend huge amounts of time in, so it makes sense for them to feel happy and joyful – decorating with zesty orange is the perfect way to lift spirits even on a gray day.

Use Orange As A Backdrop For Flamboyant Florals

Decorating with orange and similar vibrant tones is a brilliant way to balance large scale floral prints. Bold and beautiful summer decor ideas, colorful, flamboyant florals are guaranteed to make a statement so why not let them really shine by setting them against a bold backdrop?

Use Terracotta Tones For A Country Feel

Decorating with orange needn't be limited to maximalist and contemporary schemes, but can also work well for country decorating ideas, too. If you're looking for a palette for a rustic kitchen then consider using a terracotta wall paint with a textured finish to create a warm and relaxed feel.

Warm Up Dark Schemes With Pops Of Orange

Orange is a wonderful accent color for gray, so if you love idea of having a dark living room but are cautious about the space feeling too cold then consider adding a vibrant orange sofa to help warm up the space, as demonstrated in this scheme by fabric designer Vanessa Arbuthnott. To enhance the feeling of coziness and luxury, opt for a velvet which will bring added texture in the light.

Introduce Orange Accessories

Orange is a confident color to use wall-to-wall, especially when it comes to bedrooms – for a gentler approach to decorating with orange try introducing it across fabrics and accessories such as lampshades.

Decorate With Ornate Orange Wallpapers

Wallpaper ideas in orange shades are a fabulous way to add bring personality color and pattern to a room and work particularly well in cloakrooms. As spaces we only spend small amount of time, cloakrooms and small bathrooms are brilliant spaces to be bold with decor. An ornate Chinoiserie design in a vibrant orange is a playful cloakroom idea which will create an element of surprise among visitors.

Add An Orange Hallway Runner

As transient, connecting spaces, hallways are a great place to be more adventurous with color – why not consider a vibrant stair runner idea to create an eye-catching focal point?

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