4 lessons on how to use color in the bedroom, from interior designer Natalie Tredgett

1. Use Warm, Cocooning Colors

'Oranges, browns, and aubergines are warm and cozy. Their nod to nature calms the soul. They are invigorating and contemplative colors – absolutely fitting for rooms where we want to retreat, read and rest. These tones are amazing in the natural light and just as relaxing when lit at night,' says Natalie.

2. Let A Fabulous Fabric Be Your Inspiration

'This bedroom was designed with playfulness in mind,' says Natalie. 'The centerpiece is the bed and the canopy fabric dictates the color palette for the room. The painterly fabric is a nod to an artist at work.

3. Bring In The Morning Sunshine With Yellow

Considering yellow bedroom ideas? Be inspired by this space. 'The sun pours into the south facing windows of this bedroom. It was hard to ignore the outside when considering the inside. Sunflower yellow was the obvious choice. Yellow is the color of the sun and all its light-giving sources.

4. It’s All About The Bed

Bed ideas can be your color inspiration. And styling a bed with color can be incredibly impactful, with headboard ideas the focal point. 'Small bedrooms need not be limited by their size, and color is never to be confined to only the walls. The bed can be the most impactful object of layered mastery,' says Natalie.

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