Usually, small bedrooms do not look very cozy – almost all the space is occupied by a bed and a closet, and there is almost no free space left. To avoid feeling cramped, always refer to design projects – you can find any solutions in them.

1. Choose light shades This simple technique will help to add lightness to a cramped space. You can paint the walls and ceilings white to visually blur the boundaries of the room.

2. More mirrors Due to the optical illusion, mirrors can visually expand the space and make it brighter. If you place the mirror correctly, it will reflect the natural light from the window – this is an important point when arranging small rooms.

3. Bet on minimalism When choosing furniture, think about how it will look in space and how much space it will take up. It is best to draw a plan of the room to make it clearer. If there is very little space, it is better to make storage systems hidden – an entire wall can be allocated for this.

4. Consider lighting If you limit yourself to only one ceiling lamp, shadows will gather in the corners of the room – and the space will seem even smaller. In addition, soft light from sconces or pendants will add coziness to the space and divert attention from a modest area.

5. Make an accent wall This is another technique that will take attention away from the tiny area and add depth to the space. Pay attention to how abstract print works on the example of a bedroom from Olga Voinova’s project. There is a feeling that the space continues behind the wall, and the small room seems larger.