Decorating a Christmas tree with bows – 6 ways to nail this year's most on-trend festive look

1. Put Bows On A Christmas Wreath

Many of us will want to know how to make a Christmas wreath to add a personal touch to our festive decor. The greenery, fruit, and berries you choose for the basis of your wreath can be enhanced with additional decorative touches.

2. Tie Bows On The Christmas Tree

Ribbons add texture and color to your Christmas tree ideas, for a toned-down contrast to tinsel. Choose one shade and tie them at the end of the branches, with baubles positioned in the gaps.

3. Style Your Table Decor With Bows

Looking to elevate your festive dining room ideas? Then bring an elegant touch to Christmas table decor ideas with a swag and gathered detail.

4. Make A Bow Napkin Tie

This is such a lovely tip when you want to set the perfect Christmas table for your family and friends. It's one of the easiest ways to add ribbon bows to your holiday tablescaping.

5. Weave Bows And Ribbons Into A Garland

Ribbons and bows are a wonderful way to add color and pattern to garland greenery. You could arrange the garland as a Christmas mantel decor idea, arrange it over a door to enhance your Christmas hallway ideas, or weave the garland through banisters as part of your festive stair decor ideas.

6. Hang Baubles With Ribbons And Bows

A ribbon bow can elevate the look of the simplest bauble. 'Loop a length of ribbon through the bauble top and pull through. This length is to hang the bauble up with,' explains stylist Sara Bird.

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