Dark wood floors have grown in popularity over the past few years, following the trend for bolder and period-influenced home design. Deeper shades of wood enliven the contrast in a room, and can add to its warmth and comfort. Natural wood textures feel wonderful underfoot too. Going dark can feel like making a bold statement, and choosing the style can come with the fear of closing in your space or making the room feel overdone. Yet, when dark wood is styled with a great balance of light and colour, the effect is chic and sophisticated. Try our ideas below…


For a soft contrast and airy feel, pair dark wood flooring with light shades of wall paint. Grey, off-white and taupe tones can create a bright and reflective surface to balance the dark base. Avoid dull pastels, yellow and really vibrant shades as these don’t work as well with dark wood.


Don’t pair a dark wood floor with dark furniture – it can make for a dreary blend. Instead, opt for woods that are a few shades lighter than your flooring such as golden oak, maple or washed designs. Furniture in lighter, warm colours will complement the deep tones of dark wood flooring. Also avoid white or grey pieces that could appear stark.


You can recreate the calming atmosphere of the woods by adding leafy plants to a room with a dark wood floor. Bursts of green look perfectly natural with the earthy base of a dark wood floor. Plants bring freshness and life, making a lovely addition to white walls and light wood furniture for an all-round outdoorsy vibe.


Dark wood floors lend themselves to a relaxed interior feel with deeper shades, natural textures and rustic elements. Mix plush fabrics such as leather, suede and velvet with industrial-inspired features in steel and copper for an eclectic urban look. Keep walls white and go with a minimal palette of greys and taupes for the soft furnishings. This style is warm and comfortable – perfect for a living room.


The warm, chocolatey hues of dark wood flooring work wonderfully with rich colour schemes. Choose a shade that you love in a vibrant tone to paint all or some of the walls. Highlight this colour with your accessories, mixing in complementary shades for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Exciting patterns in cushions or rugs can bring further interest to this cosy look.

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