Cozy kitchen ideas – 11 stylish and intimate spaces

1. Add A Rug Or Runner

Hard materials such as stone, porcelain tile and engineered wood are popular kitchen flooring ideas as they are hardwearing and easy to clean and can be used with underfloor heating, but they can leave spaces feeling cold. Adding a kitchen rug or runner is a quick and easy way to instantly make kitchens feel more cozy, plus they can help insulate sound, too.

2. Incorporate Social Spaces

If space allows, factoring in social areas into your kitchen layout is a wonderful way to create a warm and welcoming feel.

3. Layer Ambient Lighting

It's easy to get carried away thinking about task lighting when designing kitchen lighting, but factoring in more ambient light sources such as low-level pendants, table lamps and kitchen wall lighting will help set the mood for cozy evening suppers and of course as a finishing touch you can't beat the warm flicker of candlelight.

4. Paint Walls And Cabinets In Rich, Earthy Colors

For a long time grey kitchen ideas were the go-to, but today more people are embracing warmer and deeper tones for their painted kitchen ideas such as brown to bring the cosseting and soothing qualities of nature into the home.

5. Don't Be Afraid To Embrace Dark Colors

When thinking of kitchen cabinet paint ideas don't be put off using dark colors in a small space, they will bring the walls in to enhance the cozy and intimate feel. 'A small kitchen filled with dramatic colors, textures and eclectic accessories can become big in personality which can also visually give a sense of a large space,' says Helen Parker, creative director at deVOL.

6. Embrace The Warmth Of Wood

Whether used on flooring, cabinets, or worktops, using natural wood is guaranteed to bring coziness to a space.

7. Incorporate Vintage Finds

Decorating with antiques picked up from flea markets, yard sales, or online auctions, and mixing these freestanding pieces with fitted cabinetry is a fabulous way to bring character and a relaxed feel to a kitchen.

8. Try Terracotta Floor Tiles

As well as being hardwearing, kitchen floor tiles are a wonderful way to add character and interest to a kitchen, plus they can be used with underfloor heating. 'Terracotta tiles are a natural option that brings a lovely warmth and will sit very happily in a traditional kitchen. You could choose a simple square tile in a diamond pattern or a hexagonal tile for something a little different but these will require sealing,' says Adrian Bergman, design manager at British Standard by Plain English.

9. Decorate With Fabrics

Whether introduced as a sink skirt or pretty seat pads, adding fabrics is a quick and easy way to add instant coziness and charm to a kitchen, especially if you're looking to create a cottage kitchen.

10. Add Window Blinds

Often shutters and Venetian blinds are the preferred option when it comes to kitchen window ideas as they are easy to wipe clean. However, provided they are in a splash-free area, fabric window blind ideas are a wonderful way to control light levels and bring softness into the space, plus they give the chance to introduce pattern and color. 'We chose this striped fabric because the colors were so perfect, it’s also not a regimented stripe making it much softer,' says Sarah Vanrenen of this kitchen blind fabric.

11. Embrace Warm Metallics

Texture and materials are a big kitchen trend at the moment, and what better way to channel this and bring warmth than by incorporating burnished metals? Try a beautiful copper worktop, or for something more subtle, upgrade hardware for brass fixtures.

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