Cozy Home: How and Where to palace your armchair

The key word is comfort. It isn’t easy to move the sofa from place to place, and the chair can always be placed where you want, according to your needs. At the window to relax in the sun with a book, at the coffee table in the evening, next to guests and family.

The design of the armchair is “emancipating”, the designers are turning to new lines and textures without necessarily matching them with other furniture in the same room. In addition to comfort, originality is valued today: a beautiful armchair will improve the decor of an entire living room.

Art Deco and modernist silhouettes are in vogue: sloping back, low seat, rounded armrests, stainless steel frame, velvet upholstery. Achievement of the XXI century – special fillers, when the body is literally buried in soft pillows.

A small spectacular table will serve as an addition to a comfortable chair: for a cup of coffee, a laptop, a book, or a glass of wine. And a floor lamp. It is customary not to combine objects in style, but to select them as contrasting as possible: from different eras and styles. The only thing that should be flawless is their design origin.

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