Cottagecore bathrooms – how to get the look in 5 easy steps

1. Furnish The Space With Natural Materials

Natural materials like wood, ceramic and stone are the anchor of the cottagecore trend and provided you don't have an ultra modern bathroom, they're all easy elements to introduce into your existing scheme to help nudge it toward a cozier vibe.

2. Introduce Plenty Of Plants

As well as being natural air purifiers, indoor plants soften a scheme and relieve stress, too. They're particularly useful too if you're pending a lot of time indoors, as they keep you in touch with nature, the central element of the cottagecore trend.

3. Wallpaper The Walls

While you may tend to think that pattern isn't in keeping with the cottagecore trend, there are plenty of nature-inspired prints that will compliment a cozy, pared-back scheme beautifully. From traditional leaf prints to rich florals, they create a connection between the indoors and out that may not naturally exist in a colder, sterile space like a bathroom.

4. Decorate In Neutral Tones

As well as natural materials, colors should be soft, soothing shades that occur in nature. From pared-back neutrals to earthy greens and seaside blues - they're all welcome in a cottagecore scheme.

5. Incorporate Eco-Friendly Elements

Channel a truly rustic vibe by recycling and repurposing items to become furniture, accessories or decor in your new cottagecore bathroom. From upcycling an existing piece, buying flea market furniture and sprucing it up for your space or repurposing an old jar or pot for a soap dish or toothbrush holder, these unique additions all add oodles of personality and a unique edge to your scheme.

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