Colors that go with navy blue – 10 combinations designers recommend to uplift this moody shade


Amongst the colors that go with purple is navy blue, striking the most soothing, comforting, and warm visual.


This is the oldest, most tried combination and we will never tire of it. Classic, clean, and crisp, white lends itself to any room and any style, but it works particularly well in kitchens for a look that's bold yet timeless. Consider opting for a two-tone look in a white kitchen, mixing dark navy cabinets with a true white island.


Whether you're looking for colors that go with red or its more earthy version of burgundy, navy pairs beautifully with the color, creating an interior that is rich with depth and timeless sophistication. Other jewel tones like gold or silver especially pop out in this palette.


Lilac and lavender have been gaining quite a bit of traction recently. It's a very calming hue, that much like pink does need something darker to ground it and give it a less saccharine quality. Plus, many colors go with lavender. Hence why it works so well with navy blue. It has the same cool undertones but adds a softness to the darker shade and you can find lilac shades that are so subtle, they almost just act like a neutral.


Like all dark colors, navy blue is the perfect backdrop for making bright bold hues pop. A sunny mustard yellow stands out so vividly against navy blue walls even just a splash of it becomes the focal point in a room. It's also a lovely shade for warming up a navy blue color scheme as this steely blue living room demonstrates.


Grey and navy blue may sound like there would be too many cool tones going on and it would risk making a space feel frosty. However, pick the right warm, deep grey and pair it with a beautifully dark midnight blue and the mix becomes one of the coziest and most cocooning combinations on the color wheel. This navy living room is a great example.


Blue on blue might sound bland living room paint color idea, but going all over with a single color always has a surprisingly striking effect. Trying pairing navy blue furniture, whether that be a sofa or a chair, with slightly lighter rich blue walls for a calming and cocooning look. Add some much-needed warmth with wood accents.


The color wheel already tells us this is a combination that's meant to work. Complementary colors sit opposite each other so orange was made to pair with blue; the warmth balancing out the cool of the navy. Plus many colors go with orange. And it doesn't have to be a dramatic high-contrasting scheme (although we do love how tangerines zing against navy). A deep rusty orange looks beautiful against the moodier tones of a dark blue.


Blue and green should never be seen right? Wrong! Navy blue and a fresh bright can be a sophisticated, traditional pairing, and blue really should be considered as a color that goes with green. The green lifts the navy, giving it a much fresher and livelier look.

10. PINK

Amongst the colors that go with pink is navy blue – a combination that looks sophisticated and grown-up look. The shades work well to balance each other out. The muted warm, rosy tones counteract any of the cooler tones of the deep blue and the navy prevents the pink from looking too sweet and sickly.

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