Colors that go with gold – 9 ideas for decorating with this versatile metallic


Let's start with a classic – and a color pairing gaining more ground by the day. Green and gold took over from navy as a popular scheme, particularly for kitchens – and it's a great way to inject a little glamor into a space, too, as this green kitchen by interior design studio PlaidFox shows. ‘Deep green really pops alongside metallic gold or bronze touches that will enhance its warmth and give it shine,' says Justyna Korczynska.


White and gold might evoke images of Regency-era glamor – but used in a modern scheme, it can be a sleek and stylish pairing, particularly when used with lots of natural textures. ‘For a chic Parisian apartment effect, keep all other elements super calm to really let the gold take centre stage,' says Patrick O'Donnell. 'Keep walls and woodwork in nothing more than Wimborne White to act as a clean but not cool background.’


Long a color scheme associated with luxury – but not necessarily the good kind – black and gold is tricky to pull off, but worth it when you get it right. ‘When you say black and gold, it can conjure up some rather terrifying mental images,' says Cathy Dean. The design of this living room scheme – a masterclass in how to decorate with black – sees black woodwork and gold accents pop against a background of soothing caramels and browns.


A softer take on white and gold, introducing neutrals into your scheme is a great way to make gold feel like a more natural part of a space. In this scheme by Chicago and LA-based interior designers Studio Gild, the team steered away from more traditional beiges, instead opting for the unexpected and sophisticated pairing of gold with warm greys. 'We infused bold punches of smoldering brass to intensify the provocative vibe of this moody bedroom,' says Melissa Benham, principal at Studio Gild. 'The subtle reflection casts a metallic glow on a dark palette that could otherwise have felt somber. Gold is one of my favorite neutrals to layer in any palette. Even the smallest dose elevates a space with incomparable warmth and rich luminosity.'


Pink and gold have been a classic color pairing for some years now – but this year's hottest schemes have seen the metallic used with shades of purple, too. The reason it gold is a color that goes with pink and purple so well? It feels playful – while still taking its place as a modern classic. ‘Blush pink, lavender and terracotta are some of my favorite colors to accent with gold,' says Grace Baena, interior designer at online pre-loved furniture marketplace Kaiyo. 'They really compliment each other in a way that feels sophisticated without being too serious.’


Many of the experts we spoke for advocated for classic jewel tones when we asked them for their favorite colors that go with gold. 'Gold can look great paired with rich and bold colors if you’re wanting to curate a more maximalist look,' says Laura Fernandez, senior designer at Prestigious Textiles. 'Deep reds or burgundy, royal blue and forest greens will bring a decadent feel to a space and accents of gold will add hints of luxury for a “more is more” style.’


For a grounded, earthy scheme, look no further than terracotta – and its on-trend cousin, paprika. 'The on-trend color paprika, a more bolder version of terracotta would be a great match to the warm metallic,' says Tom Rutt.


Surprisingly, few of the experts mentioned blue as a favorite color pairing with gold – possibly because the industry has become oversaturated with the scheme. However, it still remains a popular choice thanks to blue's ability to make metallics shine, as in this blue living room by designer Greg Natale. For a modern take on the scheme, opt for brighter blues and blue-greens – and if you're using it in a kitchen, choose a sleeker style over traditional Shaker units.


Gold's closest color match, shades of yellow can work well as a way to layer a scheme – creating a subtle glamor that never goes out of style. For this dining area by Honeybee Interiors, designer Sacha Berger opted for opulent velvet for the banquette seating.

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