Colors that go with dark green – 5 perfect pairings endorsed by interior designers


When it comes to colors that go with brown, green is an easy match, and the two in combination can create the most soothing, relaxing, and nature-inspired palette. If you're choosing the darker incarnations of both colors, experts recommend adding a bit of visual relief with white or cream tones, like in this modern living room.


The color wheel is a good place to look at for settling on colors that go with blue, and combining these colors will make for an easy analogous color scheme. For a striking interior, blue works best when paired with tones that are found directly opposite like yellows or oranges. Alternatively, you could also choose tones that are next to it, for a calm interior. Green and blue make a natural pairing as the two tones signify life, growth, and vitality. In interiors, they can conjure up a refreshing visual.


Among the colors that go with pink, dark green can look quite charming.


Dark green can be a great choice for those who prefer neutral schemes or Scandinavian designs but with more personality. Consider dark green as a color that goes with black, for a splendidly muted yet modern interior.

'This home was designed for a creative that works in films, and the house has a strong use of color throughout the living zones,' says Richard Misso, creative director at The Stylesmiths. 'The green kitchen joinery was inspired by the wild garden foliage that beckons at the window seat creating a strong connection between the interior and garden surrounds.'

5. RED

Red and green can feel a bit Christmassy and festive when used in combination, but when done right, green can be a great color that goes with red, creating a modern, retro, mid-century vibe.

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