Colorful bathroom ideas – 10 bold and playful schemes

1. Try Color Blocking

Decorating with pink is not always been associated with bathrooms, but we're seeing it everywhere right now with pink bathroom wall tiles, proving particularly popular. With its wall-to-wall pink tiles, this girl's bathroom could feel sickly, but the addition of chic gold fittings and a striking yellow bath idea gives the space a sophisticated edge, plus, the colors cleverly complement the striking bathroom art.

2. Get Creative With Paint

'From walls to floors to the tub itself, repainting is the quickest and most cost-effective way to refresh a bathroom,' says Chalk Paint creator and color expert, Annie Sloan. 'So many of us inherit bland bathrooms and don't have the budget to start from scratch.'

3. Create A Feature Floor

Paint is also a wonderful way to create colorful bathroom flooring ideas. Here interior designer Alison Kandler used a beautiful wallpaper as a starting point for a colorful palette picking out colors for the bath and a head-turning chequerboard painted floor. 'This bathroom was created for a young girl – we wanted it to feel traditional but still whimsical,' says Alison Kandler.

4. Choose A Colorful Wallpaper

Provided it's hung in a splash-free area and the room is well ventilated there's no reason why you can't use wallpaper in a bathroom, plus, if this is a worry, there are waterproof wallpapers you can buy, too. Pairing a small-scale geometric wallpaper above neutral paneling is a wonderful way to embrace kaleidoscope color without overwhelming a space, as demonstrated in this scheme by Nash Design Group.

5. Use Tiles To Create A Fun Feature Wall Idea

There's no need to stick to just one type of tile when designing a bathroom – combining different colors can be a wonderful way to create a unique design, as demonstrated in this small tile bathroom idea by Cave Interiors.

6. Use Color To Highlight Architectural Features

To give a bathroom a playful twist while keeping it feeling bright and airy, try picking out features like ceiling ideas or window frames in bold paint colors as demonstrated in this blue and white bathroom.

7. Use A Mix Of Colorful Patterns

If you love the idea of bathroom color ideas but are worried about them feeling too dominant, then try introducing colorful patterns as this will help soften the look. While yellow bathroom ideas are hugely uplifting, going for wall-to-wall yellow can be overwhelming for some. In this space by Barlow & Barlow yellow subway tiles are teamed with pink Pradena porcelain floor tiles from Bert & May and a dotted sink skirt to achieve a more gentle approach to flat color blocking.

8. Choose Contrasting Colors

Being transient spaces and rooms often used by guests, cloakrooms are wonderful areas for embracing colorful bathroom ideas with a wow factor. A feast for the senses, this cloakroom by Barlow & Barlow is packed with color, pattern and texture and proves that small bathrooms can be just as showstopping as large bathrooms.

9. Choose A Statement Wallpaper

Just like cloakrooms, powder rooms are spaces where you can afford to be more experimental with decorating. Statement wallpapers are guaranteed to create a talking point, and don't be afraid to pair them with luxurious materials as done here by Jeffrey Neve Interior Design.

10. Add In Colorful Accents

To bring life to a bathroom with neutral walls try adding in colorful window treatment or painting a bath. Bathroom lighting ideas can easily be overlooked, but they can be another great way to introduce a pop of color into a pared-back space. 'I like using fabric and card shades on wall lights, often from Vaughan and Pooky, to introduce texture and more color,' says Lucy Barlow of Barlow & Barlow. Here the Mini Elbow red wall lights from Pooky fit perfectly with the primary palette.

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