9 expert tips from a top kitchen designer on getting storage spot on

1. Make Your Kitchen Island A Place For Social Gatherings

'The rise in popularity of the open-plan kitchen has led to a significant change in the role of the kitchen island. No longer just about function, an island plays a central part in creating a warm, welcoming space, perfect for socializing and entertaining en masse,' says Richard.

2. Include A Cook's Table In Your Design

'We have also seen the island transformed to incorporate dining spaces. This creates a sociable feel, blending the cooking and living zones of the kitchen. The merging of dining and cooking space has led to an increased demand for smaller, freestanding "cooks' tables", a mini-island providing extra countertop and storage space that can be rearranged when needed.'

3. Make Space For A Double Island

'If you have the space, a double island kitchen is an excellent design solution; one island can be used as a prepping zone whilst the other can used as a serving or gathering area when entertaining. A double island design offers an amazing amount of work surface without the wasted space that you would have with a large, singular island.'

4. Use Your Kitchen Island For Zoning

'Finally, kitchen islands have become crucial when it comes to zoning. A great focal point for the room, they help significantly with the flow of traffic and act as great space dividers between the kitchen and adjacent living areas,' says Richard.

5. Plan Your Layout Around Storage

'Kitchen storage is an essential component of a practical, functioning space, helping to transform a good design, into a great one. With people leading increasingly busy lives and with the prevalence of open-plan spaces, proper storage solutions are vital for maintaining a sense of order and keeping clutter out of the kitchen.

6. Make Room For A Breakfast Station

Beyond breakfast bar ideas is the breakfast station. 'Breakfast stations, with easy access to toasters, juicers and coffee machines that are plugged in and ready to go are a must-have for busy family kitchens. Positioned next to dining areas/breakfast bars, they keep breakfast making facilities, such as small appliances, mini fridges, hot water faucets and prep sinks close at hand, yet stored away when not in use,' explains Richard.

7. Max Out Storage With A Larder Cabinet

Whether you call them pantry ideas or larders, they are well worth the inclusion. 'Housing up to 10 wall cabinets' worth of items, large larder cabinets provide copious amounts of space for packets boxes, jars and cooking ingredients of all sorts.

8. Prioritize The Pantry

'Designed to bring order and organization to busy, multi-purpose kitchens, walk-in pantries are a true luxury. Today people are more adventurous when cooking at home, and now require storage space for a larger collection of spices, herbs, and other dry ingredients, as well as high-tech appliances.'

9. Enhance Space With A Cohesive Scheme

'Choosing furniture from the same collection for both the pantry and the main kitchen can help create an elegant, unified scheme whilst painted kitchen cabinetry can help add vibrancy, definition and character to the space.

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