Color of the year 2023 according to Dulux

Paint brand Dulux named Wild Wonder, a pale yellow paint color that is described as “soft gold with shades of green,” the main color of 2023. It is chosen for its close connection with nature. Experts say that color echoes the global movement towards sustainable development, reunification with the natural environment, and the desire to find stability after a period of uncertainty.

“Wild Wonder is a soft gold color with shades of green, inspired by fresh seed pods and harvested grain,” the brand explains. “It responds to a situation where our relationship with the natural world seems more valuable and fragile than ever.”

In addition to its connection to nature and raw materials, this color is also meant to reflect the collective drive to improve mental health, which is becoming increasingly important in light of global events like the climate crisis and pandemic. “Wild Wonder is a positive, natural tone that, by connecting us to the natural world, can help us feel better in our homes. In addition to a sharper understanding of the value of nature, as climate change becomes a reality for all of us, we also feel the urgency of reconnecting with nature and the need to work with it, not against it.”

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