Color in 2023: what palettes will be in trend

One of the most important elements of any space is color. It sets the mood of the interior and is instantly “read” by the eye, and before we have time to consider the furniture in the room or admire the decor. Among the shades, the “colors of the year” and actual palettes always stand out: they are directly related to what is happening around us, our perception of the world, and ourselves.

Energic red The WGSN Color Institute and Coloro claim that in 2023 natural tones will be the most attractive to us, as well as saturated and stimulating colors, interest in which is caused by the desire for positivity. Chief among them is red, from the bright and saturated Luscious Red to the mid-tone shade of Astro Dust, which “resembles the dusty and desolate landscape of Mars.” The intense pinkish-red-orange hue of Raspberry Blush is Benjamin Moore’s choice.

Calm blue The blue color reminds of the elements of air and water, as well as space. Depending on the shade, it can be quiet and soothing, or create a sense of “escape from reality and augmented reality,” like WGSN’s Galactic Cobalt and Coloro. Experts suggest boldly using a rich medium tone in the interior, if necessary, softening it by its proximity to pastel or neutral shades. Spectacular cobalt will also be good both in large areas and in small doses. Expressive textures of surfaces will help make it more multi-dimensional.

Vitamin apricot WGSN’s juicy Apricot Crush and Coloro apricot shade, as if containing vitamins, is another step in the transition from soft pastel tones to bright and rich colors. It is designed to give the interior a warming glow, inspire and add optimism. The apricot hue is also included in Dulux’s new Revive palette, which is designed to create fun and creative interiors. According to experts, the inclusion of bright colors will create a positive atmosphere in the space. “Vitamin” shades can be used to add a dose of energy to seasonal palettes, to create a sense of well-being and health.

Natural greenery Green remains significant because of its connection to nature. The rapid rhythm of the city, and the need to spend a lot of time at home make the vitality of wildlife especially attractive.

Digital lavender Purple, named by the Pantone Color Institute the main color of 2022, is moving into 2023. Now it’s digital lavender, as the trendsetters of the Color Institute WGSN and Coloro call it. Digital Lavender is a sophisticated and calm shade of purple that is a symbol of health and well-being. It is associated with self-care and conveys a sense of serenity and poise. Suitable for projects that promote mental health and gender-sensitive design. According to the forecast, this gender-neutral shade will be popular among young people.

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