Coastal kitchen ideas – 12 ways to embrace seaside style

1. Choose A Coastal Color-Scheme

Coastal kitchen ideas are defined by their color schemes. There are two different approaches to this. The first look draws on laid-back Boho kitchen ideas where soft blue will be met with multi-toned driftwood and sandy creams. The second favors bright white kitchen ideas paired with sky blues – possibly with red accents –  making for a more energized and lively scheme.

2. Dress Wall With Paneling

For an instant hit of coastal charm, wall paneling is a must. ‘Tongue-and-groove paneling is a mainstay of coastal design and it sits very well with Shaker-style cabinetry.  A rougher, more textural shiplap paneling can help create a rustic feel and contrasts with the eggshell finish of the cabinetry. Shiplap wall ideas can be painted in any color, but it is important to dilute the paint so that the texture of the timber shows through. Paneling is also very effective on ceilings,’ says Simon Temprell, interior design manager at Neptune.

3. Avoid Nautical Decor

'Coastal design is not nautical design, so leave the seashell and anchor decor at the beach. Coastal design is more focused on a light color palette with soft blues, navy, and sea glass tones,' explains Rebekah Correll, founder and designer at Transparent Interiors. 'To make your kitchen more coastal, think light, bright, airy, and casual. Bring the beach to you with some seaside-inspired artwork. Think about how you can incorporate pieces that will be functional, but also light and airy.'

4. Create A Beachy-Feel With Light Wood Flooring

The appearance of kitchen flooring is often overlooked with the focus being on its durability and stain resistance, however, it has a huge influence on the look and feel of the space. A staple of beach house decor, blonde woods are a natural choice for coastal kitchen ideas, evoking the soft shades of sand underfoot. 'Light to mid-toned flooring provides a neutral canvas around which the rest of the design can be built,' explains Alex Behrens, co-founder of Amria. 'You can then build up the color by opting for countertops with some blue or green accents and layers of textiles and woven elements to provide a cozier feel.'

5. Emphasise Natural Light

When you think of the seaside, your first thoughts are of the summer, with the sun beating down and everything full of life. This is the feeling that you want to emulate in your coastal kitchen ideas – it is nearly impossible to create a coastal-style kitchen in a dark space. Start with increasing natural light – incorporate as many windows as possible, and consider adding skylights, roof lights, or patio doors. Minimizing window dressings and opting for lightweight fabrics will also let in plenty of natural light.

6. Coastal Artwork

While beautiful art ideas are an essential component of living room styling, hallway ideas, and bedroom ideas, it is often overlooked when it comes to the kitchen. However, when seeking a coastal theme, how better to achieve it than with kitchen art featuring glorious ocean scenery?

7. Dress Windows With Shutters

There are many different approaches to kitchen window ideas and your style of window treatment will predominately depend on the window's size and where it is situated. For windows away from the main preparation areas fabric blinds or even curtains in watery hues can provide a soft backdrop to the scheme.

8. Draw Inspiration From The Sea Itself

'Coastal kitchen ideas are all about evoking a feeling of being near the water. Color palettes are lighter and fresher and finishes are kept fairly simple. The approach we often take is to start with a clean, classic backdrop and then add in those standout details that give each design its own unique spin on the seaside concept,' explains Mary Beth Christopher, founder of MBC Interior Design.

9. Embrace A Laid-Back Atmosphere

Coastal kitchen ideas are as much about feeling as they are about aesthetics. Coastal decor isn't just a color scheme or accessories, it's about embracing the laid-back and relaxing atmosphere of the beach. Traditionally the beach is somewhere you go to spend time with family and to have a good time together, so it is important to incorporate this ethos into your design by factoring in areas where you can sit and spend valuable time with those you love.

10. Accessorize With Stripes

Nothing says coastal kitchen ideas quite like a stripe. When decorating with stripes, it is essential to exercise control, or your space will quickly become overwhelmed. Take inspiration from the bold blue and white stripes of traditional Cornishware and opt for ceramicware with a characteristically coastal flair.

11. Decorate With Organic Materials

When looking for inspiration for your coastal kitchen ideas, take a stroll along the seafront and you'll inadvertently be surrounded by potential decor. From driftwood washed up on the beach and the glinting pastel tones of sea glass to the woven lobster baskets – they all have the potential to be incorporated into your scheme.

12. Incorporate Weathered Wood

Not all coastal kitchen ideas channel the clean-lines look, some homeowners prefer to draw influence from rustic kitchen ideas favoring weathered woods and worn antiques to bring warmth and character to their space. We love this built-in dresser which has been constructed from reclaimed wood and displays a collection of rustic pottery in blue, white, and earthy tones.  The blue tiled floor gives the whole space a watery base, too.

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