Christmas styling – 10 easy ways to get your home ready for the festive season

1. Festoon With Foliage

From creating mantel decor ideas to tying on the backs of dining chairs, decorating with winter foliage is hugely versatile and an easy win when it comes to last-minute decorating, in fact, most of the interior designers we spoke to said it's their go-to and that you can never have too much at Christmas time.

2. Make A Versatile Garland

When it comes to decorating with foliage there often isn’t even any need to pre-arrange your Christmas foliage, 'simply raid your garden or nearest hedgerow and lay branches in situ. Working from the middle outwards is generally best and means that the delicate fronds drape attractively over the ends or edges of your surface,' says Birdie Fortescue.

3. Keep It Simple

You don’t need lots of sparkle, glitter and color to create a festive feel, making use of what you’ve got and a little Christmas foliage can make for clever, quirky displays. Here swirling asparagus ferns around wooden embroidery hoops are a fanciful take on the traditional Christmas wreath.

4. Dress A Show-Stopping Tree

A beautifully decorated tree is the focal point of Christmas living room ideas. This stunning tree by Neptune proves how limiting the palette to muted, earthy tones and taking a less-is-more approach can look beautifully elegant and sophisticated. A curated selection of baubles, warm string lights and simple Christmas tree ribbons help achieve the pared-back look.

5. If In Doubt, Add Candles

For a pared-back and quiet celebration, candles are all you need. Line them along a mantelpiece or use them alongside decorations to style a lovely vignette suggests Olivia Alers-Hankey, founder of Candle Flair.

6. Style A Christmas Window

For a beautiful Christmas window idea to spark joy with passers-by try simply hanging oversized baubles from ribbons. 'Add a touch of drama to your décor with our shimmering oversized baubles. Complete with their own plush ribbon, they look most impactful when styled in a group. Tie a couple to the window, hang over mirrors, or combine them with a garland across a sideboard. In a beautiful, mirrored finish, they’re an elegant addition that will really bring any festive scheme to life,' says Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company.

7. Style Up A Console Table With Plants And Bulbs

Styling up a console or entry table with potted bulbs is a beautiful and fragrant Christmas hallway idea that will set the tone for celebration as soon as guests enter your home. Plus, potting up bulbs is something you can easily do in advance – be sure to check out our guide to how to force bulbs for Christmas.

8. Create A Quick Hallway Garland

Christmas stair decor ideas, such as a natural garland for a banister are guaranteed to bring wow-factor and are easier to create than they look. There's no need to pre-made a garland, you can simply wind through branches for a rustic look suggests Birdie Fortescue.

9. Restyle Your Living Space To Feel Extra Cozy

Simply updating cushions and throws is a great way to make entertaining spaces feel more cozy and welcoming. 'Nine times out of 10, you can massively improve Christmas styling by focusing on soft furnishings and lighting. Introducing some plump new cushions to your sofa and armchairs is one of the easiest and quickest ways to give a room a totally different look,' says Birdie Fortescue.

10. Give Your Guest Bedrooms Some Attention

Consider making quick updates to guest bedrooms so that they are cozy and welcoming for Christmas visitors. 'With limited time, focus on making the bed as stylish and comfortable as possible, starting with a well-made blank canvas and a generous stack of pillows on each side,' says Birdie Fortescue. 'For ultimate layering, start to style a bed with a bedspread that covers the entire bed, then add a coordinating throw at the foot and two pairs of cushions that will sit up against the stacked pillows.

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