Christmas light ideas – 15 ways to make your home sparkle

1. Decorate Your Front Yard With A Pre-Lit Pine

You don’t need to go big on outdoor Christmas light ideas to make an impression; the subtle glow of a pre-lit Christmas tree is more than enough to instil festive cheer, offering up a warm and inviting glow when darkness falls – and they look lovely during the day, too.

2. Layer Up Lighting

If you’ve got a closed porch, you likely already have front porch lighting ideas in place, but if they’re more practical than magical, consider swapping out the bulbs for warmer Christmas porch decor and introduce extra lighting for a more seasonal glow.

3. Hang Icicle Lights Above Windows

Always a popular choice over the holiday season, frosted icicle lights are usually reserved for lining roof eaves, however, it’s possible to spread their light a little further by swagging them above glass doors or window panes – that way you create atmosphere both outside and inside your home. For Christmas window decor ideas, opt for delicate designs on a subtle cable and warm white LED bulbs that cast a softer glow to avoid too much glare.

4. Light Up Large Areas With Netting

If the idea of winding individual stringlights around larger areas – think walls, hedges and railings – is filling you with dread, opt for a net version instead. Not only will it save you time, but all the lights will be evenly spread, making for a beautiful backdrop that’s pleasing to the eye.

5. Create A Candlelit Glow

Want the festive glow of flickering candles but without the safety concerns? Brilliant fakes are battery operated, making them ideal for lighting up paths, steps and other outdoor areas – a much more sensible option for decor at ground level. Plus, investing in weatherproof versions means you won’t have to worry about unexpected rain showers either.

6. Let Glowing Globes Take The Limelight

Create the illusion of suspended baubles with delicate, light-up globes dotted around your outdoor space. Guests will love the pretty patterns they cast across paths and driveways when staked in borders, or you could hang them amongst branches for an alternative take on an outdoor Christmas tree. Most designs are foldable, making them easy to store, and if you ensure they’re on a timer, they will automatically light up as dusk falls.

7. Make Your Topiary Twinkle

It may be a landscaping feature that dates back years, but including topiary in your outdoor Christmas light ideas doesn't have to incite a traditional holiday feel. Highlighting sleek shapes such as spheres, cones and spirals with blue-white string lights can make for a cool and contemporary look, as shown here. If you prefer a more whimsical feel, simply opt for a warmer tone and switch to the twinkle setting –easy!

8. Perk Up A Planter

There’s no doubt that Christmas foliage makes for a beautiful outdoor decoration, but flowers can be a little lacking at this time of year, so add interest to bare planters with these lovely little light-up stars. Clustered together like this, they make a lovely little display in their own right, and can easily be removed to make way for new growth come springtime.

9. Create Pockets Of Sparkle

If the prospect of illuminating your entire backyard feels a little overwhelming, start by focusing on smaller areas to create eye-catching pockets of sparkle. A pergola or gazebo is the perfect area to create a Christmas patio which will really draw the eye, acting as a focal point for the rest of your yard’s decorations.

10. Twist Lights Around Your Trees

Turn a tree into a talking point with a twist and turn of solar-powered or electrical lights around its trunk. It's the simplest of outdoor Christmas light ideas (although you can replicate it in miniature version on your indoor plants, too).

11. Create A Sparkling Welcome

Looking for front porch ideas with a festive feel? The porch is the link between the exterior and interior of your home, and as such it can be given a more decorative treatment. It's certainly the place to add a playful touch to your outdoor Christmas light ideas.

12. Illuminate A Gateway

Christmas foliage that may be covered in blossom in the spring or summer months can be given a festive glam-up during the holiday season – string lights simply replace petals for a pretty touch.

13. Give Containers A Christmas Touch

If you're not a fan of bold festive illuminations, you can take a more subtle approach to your outdoor Christmas lighting. Wrapping plant pots and containers with flexible wire lights is a quick way to add a twinkle to your porch or steps. 'These color changing fairy lights have nine different settings, from plain white to a colorful finish, so you can decide on the look you want every time you use them,' says Thalia Shaw, Founder and Owner at Sparkle Lighting. 'They have a delicate and bendable gold wire finish, and can be used both in the garden and inside.'

14. Light Up Front Yard Plants

You'll be the envy of your street with some festive front yard styling, but resist the urge to close your curtains and you can make the most of the cheery outlook, too. 'Framing the view out into the garden is a key factor to good interior design, and right now we're seeing customers lighting up flower beds and borders so that they can enjoy looking out into the garden out at night,' says Dani Taylor, Product and Creative Director, Cox & Cox.

15. Make Your Greenhouse Glow

Looking for greenhouse ideas with a seasonal twist? Take a tip from the trend for outdoor dining pods and pop-up restaurants in unusual locations, and turn your greenhouse or outdoor room into an illuminated garden entertaining zone for festive drinks and holiday dinners.

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