Christmas hallway decorations – 20 ideas for your entryway and beyond

1. Create A Cozy Glow

Nothing says 'warm welcome' quite like the cozy glow of candlelight, particularly when it’s illuminating the most festive of Christmas stair decor ideas. Setting candles upon an antique entry table is a sensible – and safe – option, and if you opt for an eclectic display, like the one shown here, it’s easy to create.

2. Be Bold With Baubles

If you can’t have a little fun with your Christmas hallway decor ideas, when can you? Lining the floor with bright, oversized baubles is guaranteed to raise a smile. Plus you get the chance to put your own creative spin on things, which is always good fun.

3. Adorn A Staircase With A Garland

Usually the focal point of an entryway, and the first thing you see when you walk through the door, it makes sense to focus your decorating efforts on the stairs with Christmas garland ideas and over-sized paper decs.

4. Don’t Forget The Window

If your hallway includes a window, think about ways you could utilize the ledge as extra surface space for decorating. Incorporating foraged foliage into your display is a great way of bringing the outdoors in, and can be made extra festive by adding in complementary decorations – berry red is always a good choice!

5. Have Welcome Drinks At The Ready

Ensure everyone has a drink in hand by setting up a fizz-filled drinks station in the hallway so guests can help themselves as they walk through. Not only will it guarantee you ‘host with the most status’, it’s a great styling opportunity, too.

6. Bring In A Christmas Tree

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a hallway big enough to host a full-sized Christmas tree, but a smaller, potted version standing tall on a console table can bring just as much magic. Here, there's the best of both worlds, with a full-sized tree and Christmas mantel ideas employed above the console.

7. Hang A Wreath On The Inside Of The Door

Hanging a Christmas wreath on the back of your door, as well as the front means you leave the house feeling full of festive cheer, as well as returning home to it. It doesn’t have to be big to make an impact either; here, a relatively simple design is brought to life by a beautiful velvet ribbon, and perfectly complements other wintery decor dotted around the hallway.

8. Go Big On Greenery

You don’t have to go big and bold on decorations and colors to make an impact – using an abundance of fresh, all-green foliage is guaranteed to add wow-factor as soon as you walk through the door. Handily, hallways often present perfect display opportunities, too. An entryway table can be adorned with vases of freshly foraged greenery, light fittings, mirrors and front doors offer settings for wreaths and swags, and of course, not forgetting the stairs.

9. Adorn An Entry Table With Baubles And Foliage

Entry table decor ideas are a must for making not just the entryway but other hallway spaces look fabulous year round, but especially at Christmas.

10. Pile Gifts High In A Christmas Hallway

Getting the balance between style and practicality is the most important thing in a hallway, particularly over the holiday season when guests arrive piled high with coats, gifts, drinks, party food and so on. One way of achieving this is to create a designated area for gifts.

11. Hang A Festive Wreath

Don’t confine these floral decorations to the front door. Instead, add seasonal cheer to any room in your home with your favorite wreath designs.

12. Make It A Celebratory Affair

A sparkling scheme of soft pinks and amber is a perfect way to dress your home for a fabulous Christmas celebration. Create a stunning entrance with an abundant floral arrangement ascending the stairs. To ring the changes, design your display so the flowers rise from the steps in a contrast to the more traditional garland which runs along he handrail.

13. Deck The Halls

A grand staircase in an entryway area is the most obvious choice for a decorative focal point at Christmas. As the first room that visitors will see, it’s an opportunity to make something of a showpiece to set the tone of the whole house.

14. Essay In Elegance

The tradition of the Christmas wreath, with its circular shape and evergreen material, is thought to represent eternal life and a symbol of Advent; today they are almost as essential form of decoration as the Christmas tree itself.

15. Go For A Festive Festoon

One of the easiest ways to decorate a Christmas hallway is to make the architectural details do most of the work. Generous period architraves are particularly well suited to carrying a festive garland, with little or no damage to the walls, save for a few pins to hold it in place.

16. Instil A Heavenly Scent

With sustainability becoming increasingly core to every aspect of our lives, try to embrace winter-flowering plants when assembling flowers in the hallway. Choose whites and greens for a fresh, neutral look and use rosemary (thought to bring health and happiness for the coming year during the Middle Ages), white chrysanthemums, the Christmas rose, and, of course, mistletoe.

17. Opt For Fabulous Foliage

Looking to create a seamless transition between your Christmas porch ideas and festive hallway decor? Most designers and decorators agree that key to decorating a Christmas hallway is to be as generous as possible with flowers and foliage – in an era when everyone is starting to keep a closer eye on how much plastic we use and dispose of, it’s a sure-fire way to keep a cleaner environmental conscience.

18. Look Up

Take the traditional Christmas bauble for a creative spin. An obvious choice would be a central hallway chandelier where the light will bounce off the glistening surfaces and create a pretty and eye-catching display. Be led by the design of the chandelier itself and try and echo the shapes that it makes.

19. Decorate With A Country Style

For a farmhouse Christmas ideas with a truly contemporary twist, go for a magical, playful look in a hallway with wood board flooring and woven runners. Abundantly swathe a staircase in rustic paper chains and a mass of flowing ribbons or glittering lengths of garland.

20. Create A Garland Centerpiece

In a panelled hallway, centre a painted Swedish demi lune table between the boards and add candle sconces either side for symmetry. Simply decorate with a beautiful large bowl of pink limonium foliage.

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