Cheap Backyard Makeover Ideas That Are High Impact But Low Cost

Build Raised Garden Beds

Building a raised garden bed is a very beginner-friendly DIY project. With three spare hours and less than $300, you can start to grow your own vegetables and flowers. Keep in mind that you don't need to build several garden beds at once. You can start with one to two and then add a few more each year.

Mulch Your Patio

Mulch is a very budget-friendly choice for a patio. So, if there's a spare corner of your yard that can't seem to grow grass very well, you can spend a weekend turning it into a usable space with mulch. The ideal time to mulch your yard is in the early spring, right after a light rainfall.

Paint Your Fence Black

A fresh coat of paint is one way to give your privacy fence high-end and modern look. Just keep in mind that you'll need to commit to repainting the fence about once every two to three years.

Hang Lanterns and Lights

Stringed lights alone provide such a warm and cozy glow in a backyard. However, if you really want to take this look to the next level, we say go all out with the lights. We love the look of lanterns paired with string lights under an arbor or a porch.

Set Up a Stock Tank Pool

Stock tank pools are more affordable than an in-ground pool, and they can be more chic than a plastic above-ground pool. After you spend one weekend setting it up, you can devote next weekend to building a small deck for it.

Paint Your Stock Tank Pool

Most stock tank pools come in galvanized steel. If you want to add a little color to it, consider painting it one solid color, or perhaps two. @daily_disco's pink-striped stock tank pool is a great example.

Accessorize Your Pool Area

Turn your outdoor pool area into a spa-like retreat. Hang hooks on a nearby fence for your towels, add a comfy lounge chair, and even a bench. And don't forget a chic patio umbrella for times when you need a little shade.

Start a Container Garden

Container gardening is an easier and more affordable alternative to in-ground or raised-bed gardening. You can get everything you need after a trip to your local plant nursery. For a more unique look, think beyond just typical terrtacotta pots and consider more unique containers, such as woven basics.

Make a Pea Gravel Patio

Installing a pea gravel patio yourself may sound a bit intimidating. However, it doesn't require an advanced skill set, and you should be able to tackle it in two to three days. Pea gravel is an affordable alternative to other patio materials, such as brick or concrete.

Shade Your Outdoor Dining Area

It is always so enjoyable to dine outside when the sun is starting to set. But if you find that it's just a bit too sunny to eat outside during other times of the day, a patio umbrella is a great solution. It will help you get the most use out of your outdoor dining area.

Lay an Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug will instantly add a cozy flair to your backyard. Consider placing one under an outdoor dining table or on a patio with lounge chairs.

Paint Your Back Door

Front doors seem to get all the attention when it comes to paint, so there's a good chance your back door could also use some love. Painting your back door is a low-stakes, budget-friendly project that makes a big impact.

Paint a Picnic Bench

Picnic benches are such classic, quintessential backyard tables. However, wood picnic tables can start to fade and warp overtime. Painting a new picnic table can actually provide it with a protective coat, especially if you choose an outdoor paint with built-in UV protection.

Install Stepping Stones

One of the most affordable ways to build a garden path is by installing stepping-stone pavers. You can even install them directly on top of the soil, but you will need to dig a little to make sure the stones lay flush with the ground.

Install a Plant Shelf

Potted plants can look lovely on a patio, but they can also start to overtake it. Purchasing a new hanging plant shelf is a great way to combat this. Or, you may be able to repurpose a thrift find, like @plantedinasmalltown did with this old VHS holder.

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