Can kitchen cabinets be two different colors? Experts agree on this transformative color scheme

1. Go For Natural Partners

Use timber for one of your tones and enjoy a dual-color kitchen with natural beauty. ‘In this contemporary kitchen, we loved the warmth of the nude/pink cabinets against the terrazzo floor but wanted to add some masculinity and impact with wood wall cabinets,’ explains Duggan, founder and director of Studio Duggan and TROVE.

2. Balance Bright Colors

‘Strong, bright colors can energize and illuminate a kitchen, creating an uplifting living space that really boosts your mood,’ says founder of King Celia Studio, Jess Piddock, who designed this colorful kitchen for her own family home. Jess handmade the tiles and has since developed the brush mark pattern, called Pool Party, for textiles and prints.

3. Pair Pale And Bold Colors

Introducing paler finishes at eye level is a well-known ploy for improving spaciousness and preventing wall units from overpowering, particularly above hard-working areas like the hob or sink.

4. Work With Whites

‘White is a classical kitchen choice that works well on its own but can prove even better when used in a two-tone scheme,’ enthuses Tom Howley, design director of Tom Howley. Bright white is a great choice for creating crisp contrasts that will freshen and lift earthy greens and beachy blues.

5. Opt For A Close Match

Tone-on-tone color involves using different saturations of one color to achieve contrast and movement. It’s a great option for those who struggle with combining colors but don’t want a flat look. To make life easier, many paint companies graduate popular shades numerically, for example, Paint & Paper Library’s neutrals come in five tones, from light to dark.

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