11 inspiring ways to enhance your backyard – without breaking the bank

1. Don't Pay For A New Patio

Rather than paying for a new patio to be installed, simply disguise tired paving or decking with one of the best outdoor rugs. The majority are made from woven polypropylene and come in a whole host of different patterns and colors.

Warm and comfy underfoot, they are the easiest and ideal way to bring pattern into your outside seating space and make a handy focal point to arrange furniture around, too. What's more, they are easy to look after, can be left outside during rain showers, and are quick to dry.

2. Lay A DIY Path

Quick and easy garden path ideas don't have to be expensive or arduous. From bark nuggets and slate chippings to gravel or pea shingle, there are a number of easy-lay options that are also practical underfoot and good-looking, too.

3. Get Existing Shrubs In Order

Bring fresh form and structure into your garden by reshaping large, unruly shrubs. It's quick and easy to do, and it won't cost you. Plus, not only is it an opportunity to get creative – perhaps with some topiary – but it can also let more daylight filter in, encouraging other plants to grow. 'Topiary works best with dense evergreens,' says Teresa. 'Boxwood is a classic topiary shrub along with many other hedging plants. Plus, topiary will reward you year round,' she says.

4. Up The Sensory Appeal With A Budget-Friendly Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your plot is an instant way to bring a whole new dimension to your outside space, and doesn't have to be expensive. Sun or moonlight reflecting off the still water will always be a mesmerizing sight. Choose a shallow yet wide and open container. Yes, there are some gorgeous metal reflection bowls available, but a vintage enamel basin or plastic plant saucer will do the job.

5. Reshape Your Flower Beds

Something as simple as redefining or altering the shape and size of your flower beds can hugely revitalize your garden. Costing nothing more than an hour or two of your time, and maybe a bag of compost, it's a great way to get creative and reimagine your space.

6. Divide Your Space Into Zones

When considering your new low-cost landscaping ideas, think about the different areas you need for the activities you want to do. For instance, rather than paving a huge space (and splashing out on tons of pavers), plan a smaller patio area in one corner for your outdoor seating. The rest of the plot can be reserved for cheaper materials, such as lawn, bark chipping or gravel garden paths, or flower beds.

7. Sow A Lush Lawn From Seed

If you love the idea of a lush lawn for summer picnics or for the kids to have a run around, then you're in luck. These favorite garden features are cheap and relatively easy to create. Whilst using rolls of turf may be quicker, it's definitely more expensive. So, if you've got a bit of patience, learning how to plant grass seed is the way forward. You'll need to prepare the ground first, removing any weeds or stones and leveling it out before re-compacting it and raking the top.

8. Upcycle Objects For New Garden Features

Head down to your local reclamation yard and you might be surprised at all the inexpensive treasure you find that has upcycling potential. This setup demonstrates lots of great ideas at play.

9. Source Reclaimed Bricks For Edges And Patios

Reclaimed bricks offer a vintage charm that's perfect for country-cottage gardens, and they're durable too. Often they can be found online – or ask around your local area – you might just pick up a bargain.

10. Paint Your Boundaries Rather Than Replacing Them

If your garden fence or wall is looking a little lackluster, then you might be tempted to rip the whole thing out. However, before you fork out on a brand new style, consider whether the existing design can be improved or repaired.

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