A brick accent wall is a well-known design technique. With it, you can make the interior of any room not boring, and add colors and textures. We tell you how to implement it.

Kitchen design with brick wall

1. Instead of a backsplash

One of the most popular ideas is to replace the tiles on the backsplash with bricks. This will bring loft aesthetics to the room. In addition, in terms of its quality characteristics, the finish is not inferior to porcelain stoneware or glass.

2. In the dining area

The kitchen is divided into several functional areas: cooking, dining group, and (optionally) a seating area. You can visually divide the room just with the help of finishing – for example, highlight one area with textured material. And clinker is quite suitable for this purpose.

3. In the recreation area

Often, the kitchen is combined with the living room or they try to allocate a sofa area in it – in order to combine functionality and equip full-fledged bedrooms in the rest of the rooms in the apartment. Zone the room with different finishes – this trick will work. 

4. Architectural elements 

If you don’t want to highlight the whole wall or you are afraid that you will get bored with the solution, you can decorate individual elements with the material. For example, columns.

Brick wall in the bedroom interior

Designers play with this solution in different ways.

1. At the head of the bed 

Emphasis on the headboard is a common solution. The finished masonry can be decorated with a picture, and make a backlight. 

2. Select the entire area from the side of the bed

And you can veneer the entire surface completely.

3. Select a work area

Decorating an impromptu office with a clinker is another popular idea. 

4. All surfaces

If you choose a cladding for all surfaces, then you can use, for example, wood as an accent.

Brick wall in the interior of the living room

1. In the sofa area 

A common solution is to highlight a soft furniture group in this way. 

2. In the TV zone

Make a zone with a TV and shelves. Why not. 

3. One architectural element

For example, highlight a niche. Inside it, you can make shelves with decor or leave this element empty – it attracts attention and is an accent without additional decorations. 

Hallway Ideas 

The corridor can also be lined with clinker – the idea will appeal to those who do not like experiments. We don’t stay in the hallway all the time, this is a walk-through room, which means that the decoration will not get boring.