Blue color in interior: 5 arguments “for”

The shades of blue, whatever they are, are interesting and relevant outside of time. But this is not all the reasons to use the blue color in interior. We have at least five more arguments in its favor!

Blue color helps create an atmosphere Psychologists argue that the blue color acts on the human psyche soothing and calming. But with the help of a separate shade you can create a very special atmosphere in the room. Say, light blue is perfect for office design – it will help you concentrate, gather your thoughts and make the interior more unobtrusive. At the same time, if you want to create a spectacular image of a living room or bedroom, try deep shades of blue – the interior will immediately become more expensive and a sense of chamberiness will arise.

With blue it is easy to combine other colors The most pleasant thing is that blue in any of its shades is perfectly combined with black and white – colors that are present in any interior. In addition, blue and blue tones are also “friendly” with wood shades, which is also, of course, convenient. Add only the fact that gold and silver are no less suitable for blue color in companions. And all this testifies to the unpretentiousness of the blue color.

Blue creates a sense of lightness, order and purity Especially if it’s light shades: celestial, blue, azure or, for example, the fashionable shade according to Pantone, Airy Blue. Perhaps, it is for this reason that they are so often used in the design of bathrooms and children’s rooms – too pleasant, easy associations. However, for small rooms, such tones are also ideal, allowing to make the airy atmosphere.

Blue – for any style of interior The gradation of blue color covers a lot of shades to find the perfect one for your style of interior. For provence and rooms in the style of the shebbi-chic – a delicate blue pastel; For the loft and the fashionable Scandinavian interior – complex, muted shades: Captain America, Riverside, Celestial (this is all the Pantone palette); And for luxurious Art Deco – no less luxurious, deep colors: sapphire, dark blue, etc.

Blue-blue-blue Blue color can be used globally, without being afraid to overdo it. Of course, in this case it is desirable to choose non-aggressive tones, but in any case, the interior design will not seem too blue, too boring or too intrusive. On the other hand, the rich blue is ideal for highlighting accents

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