Best indoor flowering plants – 10 pretty blooms to grow

1. African Violet

These are the indoor plants many of us remember from childhood and for good reason too. Enduringly popular and prolific flowerers, African violets have cheery five petalled open blooms in shades of purple, blue, pink, white and red. Set against dark, furry leaves they are pretty straightforward to care for, requiring a constant temperature of 65-75℉ (18-24℃) and at least 10 daily hours of sunlight to flower steadily.

2. Kalanchoe

With blooms in almost every color of the rainbow, it’s no surprise that Kalanchoe are one of the most popular indoor flowering plants. These small pot beauties look fabulous lined up on a window sill or grouped together on a table top and are incredibly cheery. Most species can tolerate full sun and thanks to their beautiful, thick fleshy leaves that store water they generally need very little care.

3. Calathea Or Eternal Flame Plant

A true showstopper and popular with the design-savvy, calatheas are known for their boldly patterned leaves in striking colors but do have spectacular flowers too. One popular variety ‘tassmania’ or Calathea ‘Eternal Flame’ teams deep purple foliage, flashed with green, along with bright orange flowers. Each bloom sits well above the foliage and can last up to 3 months.

4. Anthurium Or Flamingo Lily

Easy to care for and wonderfully exotic, anthuriums have large showy blooms that last for weeks on end. Set against deep green glossy leaves, the flowers come in shades of red, pink, white flushed with lime.

5. Amaryllis

Fancy an indoor flower that’s big and bold? Then try an amaryllis. Often regarded as one of the best Christmas plants and flowers, these large bulbs are hugely satisfying to grow and flower indoors through winter through to early spring. Anticipating the moment the flower bud finally unfurls is truly exciting and with blooms in every shade from pure white, blush pink, coral, scarlet to deep maroon, these plants are seriously addictive.

6. Hoya Carnosa Or Wax Plant

This climbing vine from South India has clusters of perfectly formed star shaped flowers and a delightful, sweet scent. Delicate and extremely long-lived this flowering indoor plant needs very little attention and looks stunning indoors in a hanging planter or trailing from a high shelf or mantelpiece. The deep green leaves have a smattering of silvery freckles and can reach up to 4 inches (10 cm) long.

7. Streptocarpus

From March to November, fill your home with the colorful blooms of streptocarpus. In an endless array of eye-catching shades – ranging from delicate rose, pale lemon to deepest violet – these easy-going indoor flowering plants put on a dramatic and long-lasting show. The flat, open flowers are perched on the slenderest of stems, high above green strappy leaves.

8. Phalaenopsis Or Moth Orchid

‘Orchids are unusual and striking, low-maintenance houseplants that are available in a range of bright and exotic colors,’ says Scott Perkins, Houseplant Buyer at Hillier Nurseries. ‘The most popular orchids are Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis), as they require very little upkeep to still look stunning. Like most varieties of orchid, the blooms are not only vibrant but also monosymmetric, meaning they mirror either half of the flower itself. Orchids look elegant and glamorous and can add a pop of color to any room.’

9. Flowering Bulbs

Many flowering spring bulbs can be planted up to bring exquisite color and perfume into your home. Bulb triallist and grower Sarah Raven says, ‘I adore a tired wedding cake of Paper White narcissus or hyacinths, with a smaller pot, stacked on top of a larger one at the base, and then linked together with a nest of silver birch. The branches support the highly scented bulbs as they start to grow so they don’t flop and woven into patterns they look great.’

10.  Aeschynanthus 'Twister' Or Lipstick Plant

Quirky, distinctive and above all fun – this plant will certainly grab people’s attention. With its incredible trails of curling green leaves tipped with tubular red flowers you can’t fail to notice this plant when it blooms in late summer.

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