These 5 bedroom colors will fall out of fashion in 2024, designers say

1. Gray

'The gray explosion is about to end its final stages. With the use of color and texture, everything is becoming warmer,' says designer KD Reid. If you love gray bedroom ideas, of course, there is no rush to change them, especially if they work for you in your home. However, if you're thinking of going gray, the designer urges against it. And he is not alone in his observations.

2. White

Much like gray, KD Reid predicts plain white bedroom ideas will also fall out of favor in the coming year. Instead, he predicts a rise in more welcoming colors and patterns that will inject slightly more vibrancy into your bedroom. 'Patterns with calming tones are becoming popular among homeowners. These color schemes have a calming effect because they are lighter than traditional pastels but have depth creating character and warmth in a space,' he says.

3. Black

'There’s a time and a place for black paint, and it's not 2024,' Mike says. Instead, he emphasizes the need for a brighter and lighter color that will uplift the most personal room of your home. When assessing color trends in the year ahead, he recommends avoiding dark colors, such as black, in the bedroom but also in every other area in your home.

4. Cobalt Blue

If you've researched into what color helps sleep, you will know that light blue reigns supreme. However, the darker side of the spectrum is less admired amongst those who forecast color trends. Corban De La Vega suggests that cobalt blue and coral are better left off your bedroom walls and used as accent pieces instead. 'These colors will be out of season soon and replaced with small bright-colored accent pieces,' he says.

5. Burgundy

Burgundy room color ideas may have their place in some areas of your home, but Texas-based designer Stefan Bucur warns that burgundy or wine red is no longer trendy in the bedroom. 'This color was popular in 2020 and 2021, but it is quickly declining this year. It was a great introduction to the more rich dealing colors that are popular now, like deep navy, emerald green, dusty pink, and terracotta,' the designer says.

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