Best front yard plants – 16 charming plants and shrubs for easy impact

1. Choisya Ternata AGM

Hardiness: USDA 8b/9a – Height: 6ft – Good for: Structural shrubs, white flowers

This is one of the best front yard plants for structure, and also one of the best flowering shrubs you can grow.

2. Taxus Baccata ‘Fastigiata Aureomarginata’ AGM

Hardiness: USDA 1-6a – Height: 8ft – Good for: Small gardens, moderate shade

As well as being a solid choice if you want the best front yard hedges for privacy, yew is a star plant in its own right.

3. Teucrium Chamaedrys

Hardiness: USDA 6b/7a – Height: 18in – Good for: Walls and paving, low hedges

Known as the wall germander, Teucrium chamaedrys is one of the best front yard plants you can grow if you want a small evergreen. It bears neat, dark-green leaves and scented purple flowers, opening from early summer.

4. Astrantia Major ‘Hadspen Blood’

Hardiness: USDA 1-6a – Height: 18in – Good for: Sun or partial shade

Astrantia major ‘Hadspen Blood’ is one of the most colorful front yard plant varieties in our selection. The deep red flowers of this dramatic masterwort are ideal for a front yard cottage garden or traditional theme.

5. Alchemilla Mollis AGM

Hardiness: USDA 1-6a – Height: 18in – Good for: Ground cover, edging pathways

It is easy to take the stalwart lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis) for granted – but well-grown, this herbaceous perennial is stunning. Raindrops glisten like pearls on its softly hairy, scalloped leaves. In summer, these are joined by a froth of tiny greenish-yellow flowers.

6. Geranium Psilostemon AGM

Hardiness: USDA 1-6a – Height: 4ft – Good for: Gold or green color themes

Any hardy geranium varieties (aka cranesbill) would suit a front yard, especially the long-flowering blue ‘Rozanne’ or its sport ‘Azure Rush’. Still, the Armenian cranesbill has a certain presence and is one of the best front yard plants for color.

7. Ajuga Reptans ‘Caitlin’s Giant’ AGM

Hardiness: USDA 1-6a – Height: 8in – Good for: Ground cover in sun or shade

Best described as a semi-evergreen, this bugle is one of the best front yard plants for purple-blue florals. It is also one of the best fast growing groundcover plants you can grow, sending out creeping stems of large bronze leaves.

8. Gillenia Trifoliata AGM

Hardiness: USDA 1-6a – Height: 3ft – Good for: Light shade, white flowers

This pretty rhizomatous perennial from North America is known as Bowman’s root. Planted in light shade and moist, well-drained soil, Gillenia trifoliata settles well alongside other front yard plant varieties, sending up red stems with lobed leaves.

9. Polystichum Polyblepharum AGM

Hardiness: USDA 1-6a – Height: 32in – Good for: Easy foliage, dry shade

For anyone interested in low-maintenance front yard ideas, Polystichum polyblepharum is ideal. The botanical name of this fern translates as ‘many-eyelashed’ but it is also known as Japanese lace or tassel fern. New spring fronds are covered in golden hairs and, when unfurling, resemble the tentacles of an octopus.

10. Acer Palmatum Var. Dissectum ‘Crimson Queen’

Hardiness: USDA 6b/7a – Height: 6ft – Good for: Red color themes, containers

The Acer palmatum var. dissectum group of Japanese maples are amongst the best front yard plants for container growing. Lovers of assorted vibrant varieties of Japanese maples will adore the zingy colors of ‘Crimson Queen’.

11. Pittosporum Tenuifolium ‘Golf Ball’

Hardiness: USDA 8b/9a – Height: 30in – Good for: Box alternatives, containers

Ideally suited to container growing, Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Golf Ball’ is one of the best evergreen shrubs for the front yard. This evergreen makes a naturally rounded shape. In milder regions, it is a great alternative to a box ball, where this classic has been afflicted by moth or blight.

12. Cistus X Purpureus AGM

Hardiness: USDA 8b/9a – Height: 3ft – Good for: Drought tolerance, pink color themes

Drought tolerant and easy-going, the rock roses are Mediterranean plants asking only for full sun. This one opens pink flowers handsomely splashed with maroon in midsummer. Although the flowering season is not long, the evergreen plants make a rounded mound of foliage.

13. Ugni Molinae

Hardiness: USDA 8b/9a – Height: 3ft – Good for: Four-season interest, fruit

In our selection of front yard ideas for stunning plants, the Chilean guava (Ugni molinae) is one of a few that seem to prefer life in a pot to being out in the ground. It is great for placing near a front yard walkway and is easy to move into a sheltered position for winter.

14. Akebia Quinata ‘White Chocolate’ AGM

Hardiness: USDA 6b/7a – Height: 15ft – Good for: Fragrance, flowering climber

Akebia quinata ‘White Chocolate’ is one of the best climbing plants you can grow, as well as one of the best front yard plants for unusual blooms. This semi-evergreen climber clings onto its older leaves well into the new year, before a rash of bright green new leaves develop.

15. Argyrocytisus Battandieri AGM

Hardiness: USDA 7b/8a – Height: 10ft – Good for: Yellow color themes

One of the best wall plants, and one of the best shrubs for the front of the house, Argyrocytisus battandieri is a delightful choice for its uplifting tones. The trick with front yard plant varieties for a wall is to choose those that look interesting when not in bloom.

16. Garrya Elliptica ‘James Roof’ AGM

Hardiness: USDA 8b/9a – Height: 10ft – Good for: Walls, fences, vertical interest

Garrya elliptica ‘James Roof’ is hands-down one of the best front yard plants for creating dynamic vertical garden interest. In sun or light shade, the classy silk tassel bush will clothe a wall or fence with stems of wavy-edged evergreen leaves.

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