Bedroom trends 2024: Here’s what’s hot in bedroom design for the coming year!

Whether you’re planning a renovation in 2024 or just want to keep up with the latest in interior design, here are the bedroom trends for 2024! From colors to styles to finishes, we’ve rounded up everything for you next year.

The most important bedroom trends for 2024

Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is perhaps the most personal. This is your personal sanctuary where you can relax, switch off and show off your individual style. In 2024, the main task will be to make this room cozy and individual. To achieve comfort, individuality, elements such as environmentally friendly, high-quality materials and expressive styles will also be in increasing demand in the coming year. Here we present the top bedroom trends to look out for in 2024.


1. Comfort is key

The sleeping area is designed for relaxation, so it should be cozy and relaxing. When the coronavirus pandemic forced us to spend more time at home, creating a calming sanctuary became a top priority. Functional bedroom furniture is becoming more and more important, and in the coming year, the digital bedroom will be further developed as a trend of the future. Beds, mattresses and mattress systems with smart additional features that affect the quality of sleep should become more and more popular and find their place in the modern bedroom.

2. Environmentally friendly as a trend in the bedroom

Sustainability is an important theme throughout the home and is already influencing our choice of furniture, colors, household items and more. However, since we spend most of the day in bed, using natural, sustainable materials in the bedroom is especially important. The number of companies that rely on sustainable raw materials and sustainable manufacturing is constantly on the rise, making us another step towards the green bedroom.

3. Bedroom trends 2024: what colors are possible?

While soft neutrals like white and gray will always be popular for their calming effect, warmer and bolder tones are becoming more and more important as bedroom colors. The hottest colors for the coming year are orange, caramel, moss green and burgundy red, in line with the general trend towards earthy, nature-inspired colors seen throughout the home. In the bedroom, you can add bright, rich colors to the bedding or walls, or start with small accents like pillows, bedspreads, or bedside table accessories.

4. Application templates and their customization

While you may be hesitant to cover the entire living room with lavishly patterned wallpaper, the bedroom is a more personal space in which you can feel free to experiment. To brighten up your bedroom in 2024, you can choose eye-catching wallpapers, combine patterns on pillows and bedding, or cover the room with a patterned rug.

5. Invest in quality

Quality often requires some investment, but when it comes to comfort, more and more people are spending more money. This trend is also related to sustainability. Because well-made high-quality furniture and textiles are more durable than fashionable low-quality items. When purchasing a bedroom, consider which purchases will have the biggest impact. For example, a new mattress or pillow can improve the quality of your sleep, and a luxurious bedding set can make you feel like you’re in a luxury hotel.

Bedroom Trends 2024: Two Bedroom Design Ideas

Furnishing the bedroom in Japandi style in 2024

The philosophy of Scandinavian furnishing is based on two pillars – simplicity and hygge. This is a feeling of comfort and coziness. The most luxurious bedroom interior designs of 2024 are Scandinavian-style bedrooms with a touch of Japanese trends, the so-called Japandi. If you want to follow this trend in bedroom decor, here are some rules to keep in mind:

– Use colors such as beige, grey, blue and white. It is best to choose a base color and combine it with different shades, adding small elements from other colors. Light colors reflect light and make a room appear bigger and brighter. – Add wood – preferably in the form of floorboards or wall panels. If you have an attic bedroom, 2024 is the best time to showcase wood beams. Do not forget about wooden furniture – in light colors with slightly rounded edges. – Choose natural materials. Sheets, bedspreads, carpets and pillows should ideally be made from wool, cotton and linen. Inexpensive jewelry made of ceramics, wood or glass is well suited for decoration.

Art Deco bedroom

Art Deco patterns are fun and playful – something everyone craves after being cut off from relationships with family and friends for so long. Art Deco design arose after the First World War from a rediscovery of optimism, hope for the future, and a desire to bring bold new ideas to life. The style emphasizes functionality, modernity, glamour, and elegance and is characterized by rich colors, gold, geometric lines and exaggerated curves. As people crave fun and positive change, we are seeing a resurgence in this style and can expect it to be found in wallpaper patterns and textiles. Here’s how it can be used in bedroom trends in 2024:

– Combine muted shades with bright extravagant colors. Use white, beige, gray, powdery pink and black as the basis for interior decoration. Pair these classic tones with azure blue, emerald green and pure gold. – Geometric patterns give the room a feeling of lightness, which, however, does not mean the presence of sharp edges. The design of the bedroom in 2024 will be dominated by round and oval shapes. Complete the bedroom with round mirrors, oval stools and chairs, or Art Deco round cushions. – Velvet is best combined with oval shapes. Present it in the bedroom as a furniture covering material or as a designer accessory. Beds and armchairs upholstered in green, powdery pink or sea blue velvet will look great.

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