Bedroom in a small apartment: 5 tips for organizing space

A one-bedroom apartment has its advantages. Fewer square meters of cleaning and less furniture to buy. But when the single bedroom also needs to function as an office and gym, then that makes it a little more difficult to navigate. Here are 5 tips from professional designers to complete your bedroom with a variety of features.

Create a separation between work and leisure areas No matter how small your work and sleeping spaces are, creating some level of separation is critical. It all depends on the layout. This can be as simple as arranging the furniture so that the bed is not visible from the side of the table or work surface. If you have enough square footage to work with, consider adding a partition wall to visually separate the space.

Use built-in modules Professionals also recommend trying to move from room dividers to built-in furniture. Built-in elements provide a harmonious overall look and are a beautiful way to turn a home office into a bedroom.

Consider a smaller bed This method is not for everyone, especially if you share your space with a partner. However, a compact bed can free up precious centimeters. Be flexible in your sizing. By adapting to a double bed, daybed, or bed in a wall niche, you will get the most useful space. Many designers suggest choosing a sofa bed or daybed as they serve two purposes: sleeping and relaxing.

Replace a nightstand with a desk Dual-purpose furniture is the best way to make a multifunctional space work. One simple trick is to replace your bedside table with a beautiful table or console. Also, add a small acrylic accent chair that can be hidden under the table so it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Find a compact desk Obviously, the table with the smallest size would be the best option. Look for a special item that reduces depth and scale. With no heavy drawers or shelves to weigh it down, the desk will feel clean and light in the bedroom. A ladder table or folding table is a great alternative if you don’t have much space.

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