Bedroom decoration in brown tones: 17 examples

Plaster The most obvious and easiest way to integrate the brown gamut into the interior and as a result not experience a feeling of unpleasant surprise is to use textured plaster. It will recreate the feeling of a cozy dugout, and so that there is no feeling of dampness around, you can add a decor made of natural materials – wood and eco-fabrics.

Paint Light brown shades: beige, creamy, sand, and others In contrast to the cold minimalist interiors in white tones, a new wave of popularity is gaining beige shades. And this is understandable: when it is gray outside the window most of the year, you want warmth and sun. So designer Timofey Veresnovsky dressed the bedroom in the St. Petersburg apartment in a light cream shade. He did not forget about the ceiling: so the interior was as if flooded with sunlight. At the same time, by his own admission, he wanted to get away from “licking” in favor of just a good cozy interior.

Terracotta or brick Terracotta hues are associated with homes in hot eastern countries. For example, the interior of the film producer Ekaterina Kononenko and restaurateur Ilya Tyutenkov is made in a restrained grayscale, the active color appears only in the master bedroom. “Ilya wanted to make it terracotta. He and I love India, and this shade is reminiscent of this country. I decided to continue the associative series and put antique furniture and a four-poster bed here, “says Ekaterina. She also spread Uzbek carpets everywhere. “It’s an easy way to make the space cozy and add a little color,” the hostess explains.

Dark shades From the paintings (or, to be more precise, from the pictures), Allas Shumeyko’s project began to take shape: the customer showed several references that simply resonate in her soul, and it turned out that Alla also has them in her bookmarks. One of these was a photo from a vintage Christian Dior advertising poster, which depicts a model in a chocolate-colored dress with gold lining, and dusty pink details on the background. It was this image that suggested the color scheme of the bedroom: the walls are painted in Alla’s favorite cold chocolate color, and the head of the bed is trimmed with the fabric of the same dusty pink shade.

Wallpaper The dark chocolate shade was also preferred by psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky. The color of the interior is based on its favorite colors: brown, beige, and gray. The walls in the bedroom are covered with cappuccino paint, but the headboard of the bed is highlighted with wallpaper with flowers in the tone of the paint.

Wall panels Actually, wood trim is another way to bring brown color to the space. Often, wooden panels can be found in “modern” interiors – with panoramic windows and a monochrome color scheme: in such rooms, designers finish the entire wall with wood at the head of the bed entirely, while the bedroom does not seem heavy due to the abundance of light.

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