Bedroom Decor: 7 Most Popular Tips

Sometimes the best design tips can be found in the comments on articles and on social networks: readers and professionals share fresh design examples that are really tested in practice and useful. Here are seven bedroom decorating tips that have proven to be the most popular in 2023.

Use mirrors at strategic points Mirrors really act like decoys, refreshing the look of the room. They can be applied strategically: the main thing is to understand in which part to place them. For example, a mirror on the middle shelves of a bookcase casts a lot of light and distracts from the furniture volume itself, directing the eye around the room. Hang mirrors where they will catch natural light and reflect the visually appealing part of the bedroom. Don’t set them too high.

Remove appliances from the bedroom There are many ways to create a place for a good rest. One of the most effective tips is to move the TV to any other room and leave it there. The key to falling asleep quickly and staying awake is to keep any kind of technical distractions out of the bedroom. Ditching the TV is a great start, and moving your phone and other devices to a charging station in your hallway, kitchen, or workplace is another strategy.

For small spaces, choose the simplest  Many designers disagree with the placement of bedroom sets because they can create uniformity. However, this visual harmony isn’t always bad, especially in a small bedroom. Sometimes this helps to avoid feeling crowded, as consistent, repetitive lines and colors are relaxing. Sometimes it’s better to go the easy way, and besides, there’s a difference between the same things in a set and the total match of everything with everything.

About the shape of the headboard Far from always inspiring photos need to be emphasized over the headboard of the bedroom. This is not a place for decorative items at all, and one must be careful about placing anything on the wall in this place, be it framed pictures behind glass, heavy plants, or books. For a decorative accent, consider a woven wall hanging or a frameless printed poster attached with tacks.

Choose the right paint You need to think carefully about color in any room, but this is especially important in bedrooms, where less space can mean more room for light to reflect off the walls. Dark paint combined with bright lighting can result in visual blemishes. If your walls have noticeable imperfections and bumps, it’s best to choose lighter tones, which tend to be more forgiving.

Any carpet is good If you don’t have wall-to-wall coverage and can’t afford a massive rug the size of your bedroom floor, a small rug that sits by your bed is more than adequate. The practical reason for using it is to keep the feet soft and warm in the morning. Almost any carpet will handle this, so there is no need to aim for something extravagant. However, for better sound absorption, the larger the carpet, the better.

Think beyond traditional furniture There is no mandatory “nightstand rule” in the bedroom. If you don’t have room for this item, try smaller furniture. Perhaps you do not have enough free meters on both sides of the bed, but there is a patch for a stool on one side, and you can put books there. Other storage ideas include extra chairs, wall shelves, a drawer, or a stack of drawers.

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