Bathroom Shelf Ideas To Improve Storage And Style

Go Natural With Simple Wooden Shelves

These shelves do double duty as decor and shower storage. A bit of rustic wood really pops against white tiles and walls.

Make Use Of The Corners

Corner shelves make great washcloth stands and plant holders. Plus, they don't contribute to clutter — even in tiny bathrooms.

Take Advantage Of The Mirror

Not all mirrors are created equal. Mirrors with attached shelves work particularly well for lotion, tissues, and other amenities you'll want handy for guests.

Use A Standalone Shelf To Decorate Practically

Stand-alone shelves can be super-storers. To avoid the appearance of clutter, store towels and other items that match the bathroom's decorative palette, then add small pieces of complimentary decor (pro tip: you can rarely go wrong with plants).

Channel Your Coastal Style

Shelves made of less common materials, such as bamboo or wicker, can add a lot of character to a space without much effort. In conjunction with the shelf material, different plants can also set different styles — the fern above indicates Bohemian while a vase of flowers could suggest farmhouse.

Switch It Up With A Moving Shelf

Moving shelves make the most of any corner in any bathroom — no installation required. Don't worry about accidents - most have locking wheels to avoid slips.

Keep It Simple

A simple metal shelf matches almost any space but looks especially chic paired with a silver faucet. Plus, it won't break the bank.

Distinguish Your Space With A Leaning Shelf

This out-of-the-ordinary shelf adds character and looks chic in almost any space.

Maximize Your Ledges

Built-in wall shelves are space-saving superheroes that look great even in simple bathrooms.

Go All Out With Layered Vanity

Though not a traditional shelf, some vanities have lower levels perfect for storage containers, towels, and more. If you're willing and able to swap out an existing vanity, this is an excellent space-saving option.

Embrace The Beauty In The Practical

Who said decor can't be useful? Mix and match amenities with decorations to make the most of a wall shelf.

Reconsider How You Define Shelving

This rustic bathroom repurposes a ladder as a shelf — and it looks amazing. Not too shabby!

Level Up With Layered Shelving

At some point, we've all run out of toilet paper and realized the replacement is out of arm's reach. With a layered standalone shelf, all your necessities fit in even the smallest corner.

Match Simple With Style

There's no shame in a classic wooden shelf. We love a shelf with a pull-out drawer to store all the knickknacks you don't want to display.

Use Open-Style Cabinets For Elegance

These built-in cabinets have all the storage you could ask for while looking super classy.

Utilize Windows And Other Bathroom Elements

This built-in bath/shower combo doubles up as shelving. It also maintains the bathroom's modernity.

Mix It Up With An Attached Shelf

The vintage character of this uncommon shelving option is likely to impress guests.

Embrace The Tiny But Mighty

In this simple set-up, a repurposed drying rack suits all sorts of tiny items.

Indulge A Wall Cutout (Or 2)

Cut-out wall shelves are super classy, especially in the shower. Designer Susan Sutter chose a dark tile for the cut-outs, allowing them to pop against the shower tile.

Repurpose Your Vanity

Don't discount the power of a built-in vanity with open shelving. This option is ideal for more modern bathrooms.

Try A Specialized Shelf

If you have very specific storage needs, it's worth considering a specialized shelf like this towel rack. This bathroom paired the rack with a more traditional shelf for decor.

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