Bathroom color ideas – 20 creative ways to create a bright, beautiful space

1. Spark Joy With A Modern Orange

Decorating with orange is a joyful way to add vibrancy and optimism to a small bathroom or powder room. ‘It brings warmth and uplifting energy, whether you use it on a whole wall with paint or wallpaper, or bring in pops of orange throughout,' says Emma Deterding, founder and creative director, Kelling Designs. 'I often pair orange with teals and pinks as they work effortlessly together.’

2. Use Wallpaper To Add Color

Some great fabric on a bathroom vanity or bathroom window treatment can also be used to stop a bathroom from feeling miserable. A skirt below a basin might seem granny-ish, but the right choice of fabric, such as a block print in a joyful color that contrasts with the wall tiles, can make it fun.

3. Be Playful With Tiles In A Small Space

This artistic bathroom pays homage to the exuberance of artist Sonia Delaunay's work. This bathroom color idea is playful, fun and brimming with creative color combinations.

4. Drench On The Color

‘We always recommend being adventurous when it comes to color in bathrooms, as secondary spaces they’re a great place to experiment,’ says Lucy Barlow, creative director, Barlow & Barlow.

5. Introduce A Playful Spirit

In this colorful bathroom in the home of Aurelia Skincare founder Claire Vero, Salvesen Graham has expertly worked color and pattern. ‘Picking up a color tone in the wallpaper on the panelling and woodwork is a lovely way to introduce a further element of decoration to a scheme,’ says co-founder Mary Graham. ‘For practical reasons, panelling can also provide additional resistance to everyday wear without diluting the bathroom wallpaper's power to impress.’

6. Start With A Mood

Spending time looking for bathroom color ideas you like can be daunting. Simplify by first asking what you want the space to say. Is this a family bathroom that needs to be practical and sturdy, or a peaceful place to escape to after work?

7. Use The Color Wheel To Pick Soothing Bathroom Colors

Pairing colors in bathrooms can be tricky because space is often limited and so color clashes are highlighted. Take advantage of the color wheel to make things easier. The wheel lets you see at a glance how colors relate to each other visually and has been used in design for generations.

8. Stay Neutral For Easy Color Scheming In A Bathroom

Neutral bathrooms are classics for a reason. They allow colors to inspire feelings of calm and serenity. But they do need breaking up; you can do this by mixing two different neutrals together. Go one shade darker – grey and white, or beige and brown.

9. Use The 7-2-1 Ratio

If you want to add a splash of color to your bathroom but you’re not sure how far to go, choose three shades – one neutral, one colorful but light, and one bold. Then, divide these across the space with a ratio of 7-2-1.

10. Start Big, Get Smaller

When considering bathroom color ideas, start with the biggest surface first. So begin by painting your widest wall. Then work down to the furnishings, bath and vanity and finally the accessories like the towels, taps and soap dispensers.

11. Go Dark

Bathrooms are traditionally seen as white, bright places, but don’t be afraid to go a little darker with bathroom color ideas. A dark color, such as charcoal or indigo, can really make a bathroom pop, especially when used in stark contrast with bright, light finishes. Matt black fittings are becoming more popular all the time, with many of us opting for black and anthracite showers, taps and fittings these days.

12. Use Patterned Wallpaper For The Easiest Of Bathroom Color Ideas

‘Wallpapering is a great way to stop bathrooms from feeling too sterile and just perfect for creating truly happy spaces, which I believe every bathroom should be,’ says Nicola Harding, owner of Nicola Harding & Co.

13. Take Advantage Of The Fifth Wall

While there’s nothing wrong with a plain white ceiling, for color lovers it’s a missed opportunity. In this gray bathroom, the ceiling – known as the 'fifth wall' – is painted in Little Greene’s Yellow Pink, a warm mustard shade that has a cozying effect on the high ceilings, a great look for bathroom ceiling ideas.

14. Subtle But Impactful Bathroom Color Ideas? Play With Animal Prints

From timber grains to tropical patterns, natural beauty has long been a strong interiors trend, but animal prints in particular have found new popularity over recent months.

15. Use Two Patterns In The Same Color

Embracing strong color, when designed as part of the flow of the rest of a home, can produce joyful results, as shown in this walk-in shower idea.

16. Introduce One Shot Of Strong Color

Color-blocking is a great technique for anyone keen to test strong paint colors without over-committing. An all-out approach, with multiple blocks of undiluted color, often clashing, is popular in modern homes.

17. Make Subtle Changes

There is no need to dramatically change your style; in fact a neutral background can be the perfect base for bringing color into a bathroom. A bold bath mat is a simple and affordable way to add color to your scheme in an instant and can be changed to fit current bathroom trends or, if you simply change your mind.

18. Add A Theatrical Element

This bold hue is often considered a daring choice for interiors, but used creatively it can introduce a welcome burst of energy and flamboyance, great for master bathroom ideas.

19. Introduce A Colorful Mural With Waterproof Wallpaper

In an otherwise plain space, wallpaper ideas such as the mural shown above are one of the most dramatic bathroom color ideas you can go for. Wall&decò's wet system wallpapers are extraordinary: impactful and beautiful, they can even be installed over old – even – tiles to create a space with true wow factor.

20. Revitalize A Classic Theme

Breathing new life into the classic coastal look, this blue bathroom idea features a breezy palette of blues, from soft shades of pale sky through to Breton navy, teal and denim.

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