Are you making these critical design mistakes in your small home office? Experts reveal 7 they always avoid

1. Uncomfortable Furniture

A home office is somewhere that many of us spend hours in each day, and prioritizing comfortable furniture is essential so you have the right ergonomic support and set-up when working.

2. Ignoring The Importance Of Good Lighting

Philipp Nagel, director at Neatsmith says, 'within a home office ensure as much natural light as possible can flood into the room without disturbing the screen. Along with this, a combination of functional recessed LEDs and a reading lamp to supplement is a smart way to decorate.

3. Not Enough Storage

'To maximize storage in an existing office, time spent going through exactly what use you will have for the space is key. A lawyer working from home will have different requirements for a musician’s space for example, so work out the physical requirements e.g., screens, charging points, camera positions, filing type, and bookshelf depth and make your design work with the available space you have,' says Philipp Nagel from Neatsmith.

5. A Lack Of Color

A small home office is a perfect place to go all out with a stylish and colorful design. Interior designers often use the smallest rooms in the home to create the most magnificent, and maximalist of designs, and as a home office is a place where we spend a great deal of time, it pays to create a stylish and characterful space that brings you joy each day.

6. Not Making The Most Out Of Awkward Spaces

From bedrooms to kitchens and spare rooms, there are no set rules on where your small home office should be, it completely depends on the size and layout of your home, and making the most out of more unusual, awkward spaces can be a great option when choosing the location of a small home office.

7. Too Much Clutter

Lisa Sherry, principal of Lisa Sherry Interieurs says, 'let go of the paper trail, laptops are today’s file cabinets. Don’t clutter your home office with paper or boxy file cabinets, free up surface space and mind space and let your computer do the work.'

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