Are kitchen islands going out of style? Kitchen designers say they're here to stay but with a twist

1. A kitchen island creates a centrepiece in the kitchen

Open-plan kitchen ideas are more popular than ever, and kitchen islands are the ideal centrepiece between your kitchen and living space. Especially if you have a large kitchen, an island can zone out your space.

2. Kitchen islands are a must-have for hosting

Most kitchen experts argue kitchen islands are more timely than ever, due to their social design. Rob Streather, director at Shape London explains ‘With the noticeable shift to spending more time at home, the kitchen island facilitates an inclusive, social cooking environment.’

3. Kitchen islands have multiple uses

Forget entertaining fancy dinner parties for a moment, because kitchen islands are also ideal for the busy family of five who need a functional place to sit, eat, and socialise.

4. They provide extra storage

You can never have enough kitchen storage ideas - especially if you love to cook. Kitchen islands can come with built-in cabinets, drawers, shelves and an additional worktop, which only adds to their practicality. Darren also states ‘kitchen islands are a handy place to store utensils and prepare food, providing much-needed extra space for efficient workflow without anything getting in the way.’

5. You don’t need a large kitchen to have one

If you think only large open-plan kitchens can accommodate an island - think again.

6. Kitchen islands are actually evolving

Experts suggest that kitchen islands are no longer the extra worktop space as you may know them. Rather, ‘there are now endless alternatives to the traditional island. For example, a harvest table is a great option for those who have a tight kitchen space,' says Al Bruce.

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