From biology lessons, we remember that wildlife is forced to adapt to environmental conditions. In the living space, there are different rules – the environment must adapt to the needs of the inhabitant, please the eye and warm the soul.A well-thought-out design project will help turn square meters into a private oasis. You can entrust it to a specialist or get down to business on your own. Where to start the interior design of an apartment if there is no way to contact a professional studio? Let’s figure it out.

Chasing a muse It’s always better to start with inspiration! To determine the style, color scheme, to find out how certain finishing materials look in the interior, you can browse the Internet and collect your own collection of references. Just use our Pinterest page for inspiration.

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Life style If your eyes run up against the choice of interior solutions, we recommend following the style instructions. Each interior style assumes a certain color scheme, materials, and decor, which significantly narrows the range of choice. And also any style is tailored to a certain human psychotype, so choose the one to which your heart lies.

Color and light When deciding on a color scheme, the easiest way is to rely on neutral shades. But this is only at first glance. In fact, a design project in neutral light colors can resemble a faceless hotel room or, even worse, a hospital room. Don’t be afraid of contrasting colors and vibrant color accents!

Functional aesthetics The interior is not only for the soul but also for the body – it should be as comfortable as possible. Before using the design imagination, you should decide on the functional areas in the apartment. Think about how you will live there and what to do. What do you absolutely want to see in your space: a dedicated workplace, a secluded relaxation area, a gym?

The house we live in A home for a person is not a building with concrete walls, it is a personal space filled with favorite things and positive emotions. Likewise, a design project is not a room decoration, but a painstaking process of creating an individual living environment that will meet your ideas of beauty and comfort.

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