Aesthetic bedroom ideas – 11 inspiring looks for your sleep space

1. Go For A Cool Minimalist Look

The minimalist aesthetic is a popular choice for modern bedrooms, as more and more of us seek calm spaces to escape our busy lives. To achieve the clean, pared-back look choose a monochrome palette, limit furniture to key pieces and factor in plenty of built-in bedroom storage.

2. Create A Luxurious Bedroom

As spaces designed to relax and recuperate, bedrooms are the perfect place to introduce a little luxury. In this luxury bedroom, interior designer David Frazier has combined a sumptuous elongated headboard idea with an oversized ceiling light and layers of luxurious texture to evoke the feeling of a boutique urban hotel.

3. Go For A Cottage-Style Bedroom

While cottage core may be a big trend at the moment, done right, the look is timeless and enduring. If you're looking to create a relaxed cottage bedroom you can't go wrong with choosing furniture in natural materials says Joana Aranha.

4. Create A Quirky Boho Look

When creating a bohemian bedroom anything goes and more is often more, so if you love prints feel free to introduce them over multiple surfaces from bedroom wallpaper ideas to headboard ideas and cushions.

5. Channel The Coastal Aesthetic

There's nothing like a trip to the seaside to recharge the batteries, so it's no wonder coastal decor is a popular theme for creating a restful bedroom. Shiplap bedroom wall ideas make the perfect foundation for the look along with a palette of white, neutrals and ocean blues, but 'be careful to avoid overly cliché coastal accents' says interior designer Allison Babcock.

6. Add Personality With Artwork

Decorating with art is a quick and easy way to inject your personality into a space or tap into a trend and unlike wallpaper and paint, bedroom art ideas are easy to switch up and change around for a fresh feel.

7. Try A Vintage Look

If you're a nostalgic soul after a vintage bedroom try mixing delicate floral prints and muted colors with antique pieces. 'Finding vintage furniture, whether from antique shops, thrift stores, online marketplaces, or even the side of the road. This is a great way to find quality pieces of furniture with vintage character,' says Rudy Saunders, Dorothy Draper & Company, New York. 'Painting and reupholstering are great ways to freshen vintage pieces up.'

8. Create A Relaxing Bedroom

For a look guaranteed to endure why not buck the bedroom trends and opt for a simple, relaxing bedroom? For a restful feel take inspiration from the colors or nature, or play it safe with versatile neutral bedroom ideas.

9. Create A Romantic Bedroom

When it comes to romantic bedroom ideas the key is to combine elegance with intimacy and coziness. Opt for warm neutrals or try rich deep tones, plus factor in plenty of wall lighting, table lamps and dimmable lighting in order to set the mood.

10. Create A Country Bedroom

To create a country bedroom, there's no better place to look for inspiration than the rural surroundings. Team subdued earthy tones with plenty of rustic natural wood, and textural wool and linen. For depth and interest decorate with checks and delicate flower and leaf prints then complete the look with beautiful original landscape paintings.

11. Go For A Botanical Theme

It's well-documented that biophilic design promotes health and well-being, so for a restful and rejuvenating bedroom try decorating with botanicals. Blue the boundaries between outside and in and immerse yourself in nature with a leafy print wall-to-wall. To keep the scheme feeling restful and calm fair it with a soft white upholstered headboard, fresh white paintwork and layers of gentle texture.

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