A Home that Exudes Simplicity, Refreshing Pops of a Serene Blue and a Coastal Ambience

As the principal architect of this remarkable project, it has been an absolute privilege to collaborate closely with the young couple who own this enchanting villa. Their heartfelt vision for their dream home served as our guiding star, and the clear, concise brief they provided ignited our creative process.

This dynamic duo’s vision was elegantly straightforward: they yearned for a home that exudes simplicity, refreshing pops of a serene blue and a coastal ambience. All of it while maintaining a keen eye on their budget constraints. This simple yet powerful directive offered us a unique opportunity to let our creativity run free, and it was defined by four key elements that would come to define the essence of their dream: an abundance of white, the subtle warmth of wooden shades, and the comforting embrace of woven rattan.

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