Style is a set of artistic means and methods of their use, characteristic of works of art. Style in the interior can be interpreted as the unity of the artistic direction, a harmonious combination of features and characteristic features of the created space. All the basic principles of composition, which are applied in the visual arts, also apply to the creation of the interior.

A house for a person is a place where it is warm and cozy, where he feels protected. The taste, prosperity, and philosophy of the owner of the house can change with age … And through the arrangement of living space, a person expresses the features of his personality, creating the uniqueness of his own territory.

The modern market offers us a wide range of tools for repairing, furnishing and decorating the house. The problem of “getting” has turned into a problem of “choosing”.

In modern interior design, you can count several dozen directions:  Loft Modern Classicism Art Deco Scandinavian High-tech Ethnic

These are not all the styles that exist in interior design and architecture. Some of them are divided into several more directions, and vice versa, some mixture of styles is permissible.


Suitable for thorough and conservative people, in this style there are elements of ancient architecture, some heaviness, and solidity. In the modern interior, the classic style is combined with other styles, forming beautiful variations.


This style is ideal for modern, mobile, bright personalities – those who want to declare themselves, their preferences, and interests.


Ideal for young, purposeful, mobile people who follow fashion, love technological things, the functionality of space.


For people who need space, a lot of air, and freedom of movement, the loft style or its latest interpretation is industrial is ideal.


For those who seek intimacy with nature, love the summer sun, the smell of flowers, and appreciate home comfort.


Ideal for those who appreciate the warmth and comfort, security of personal space. In this style, simplicity, individuality, and environmental friendliness have found the perfect embodiment.


For those who want to find a consonant with themselves, appreciate the feeling of comfort and naturalness, seek a return to their roots or keep memories of a distant country that has fallen into the soul.