A color expert shares the 8 shades you should use in your living room this year

Consider a happy yellow sofa.

Creating a living room you'll love begins with choosing stunning colors "that aren't boring," such as a bright, happy yellow.

Traditional blue provides endless options.

Blue is an easy and classic color choice for the living room. Traditional blue isn't just a feel-good color because it will be serene and timeless for years to come

Sophisticated pink offers design versatility.

Lucky for pink lovers, the hue isn't going anywhere anytime soon

Deep green goes with everything.

Nature-inspired colors continue to trend.

Deep green can be incorporated into the room through plants, and there are plenty of decor choices that pair perfectly with the hue.

Rich ochre works for modern or traditional decor.

There is growing interest in rich ochre, a more muted-gold version of the hue.

The color has wonderful design flexibility and "works well in both modern and traditional decor."

Warm burnt orange alleviates the design blahs.

Like gold and yellow, "orange is having a moment" because it's "a perfect antidote to desaturated decor."

There are also numerous variations of warm burnt orange to suit one's personality and space. People can choose between a spicy red-orange or a cleaner coral tone, depending on the coordinating decor they prefer.

Cerulean blue-green adds joy.

There's something calming and joyful about a living room that reflects the colors of sky and sea, and cerulean blue-green can be a great color choice for brightening the room.

Classic cognac brings a neutral space to life.

For those who aren't brave enough to jump into a bright shade of purple, we recommend livening up a neutral space with a warm cognac.

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