A 430-Square-Foot Minimalist Apartment in Barcelona Full of Functionality

This 430-square-foot minimalist apartment with its picture-perfect garden is on the ground floor of an award-winning building on Llacuna Street, in the heart of Barcelona’s popular Poblenou neighborhood. “Our task was to reimagine the space, which was completely empty, with the aim of creating a versatile and comfortable place to both work and live. The owners wanted to sell or rent it quickly. So we had to design it so that this imaginary customer would instantly fall in love with the final result,” recall Helena Llorente and Cristina Batlles, the founders of Batte Interioristas.

With that goal in mind, the Batte team created a design centered on quality materials that are both durable and timeless, all while controlling costs to keep the project on budget. They set to work on a mezzanine, bathroom, kitchen, and three distinct spaces that flow easily into one another. Despite being a ground-floor unit, the large windows let in an abundance of natural light that fills the entire space, creating a little retreat that feels miles away from the bustle of Spain’s second-largest city.

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