Decor trends that make your home look more luxurious – 9 ways to take your space from drab to delightful

1. Feed A Crowd In A Kitchen Centered Around Entertaining

The modern kitchen is certainly the hub of the home, so when designing a kitchen, take inspiration from the trend for entertaining family and friends in, what we at M are calling a social kitchen.

2. Embrace Well-Being In The Bathroom

Elegant and luxurious, wellness bathrooms that focus on spa-like features are all the rage.

4. Priortize Storage That Sings

In a luxurious home, storage should restore calm, provide display space and be suitably chic.

5. Go Big With Maximalist Style And Extravagance

Maximalist decor is one of our favorite home decor trends this year, and it is here to bring playfulness and joy to your interior. The key to this aesthetic is decorating with vivid hues, luxurious pieces, and exuberant patterns.

6. Minimize The Presence Of A TV

The living room TV is a ubiquitous presence in sitting rooms but its black reflective screen is regarded as an eyesore by decorators. The most common solution is to house it in a specially designed cabinet, but it’s not the only one. At first glance, this room looks colorful and bold using Studio Ashby’s signature mix of antiques, bespoke pieces and contemporary design. The surprise is that the art can slide aside revealing the TV behind.

7. Create A Focal Point In A Living Area

Focal points in interior design are vital to anchor a room, and there's nothing like a fire around which to gather and its design will play a key role in a room's aesthetic.

8. Make A Spectacle With Statement Lighting In A Dining Space

Achieving a great atmosphere and look in your dining space will come down to smart lighting, therefore choosing a pendant that exudes luxury will be a fundamental choice.

9. A Front Porch Defined By Symmetry

A well-chosen front door design and beautiful front porch speak volumes and set the tone for what visitors might expect once inside, but if you want to make the exterior of your house look expensive, then you may need more than just a fresh coat of paint.

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