9 life-changing lessons I learned decorating my tiny rental's kitchen

1. Accent Lighting Is Not Just For Living Rooms

My kitchen has six bright white LED spotlights on the ceiling which is great for when I am cooking an intricate meal and need to focus, but it is horrendous when I am up for some relaxed late-night baking or midnight cereal (yes, I admit that I am guilty of some late night snacking – but I know I am not alone).

2. Hide Away Appliances

I found that hiding away my bulkier appliances such as the microwave and toaster not only helped to free up space on my limited countertop but also helped to make my kitchen look more streamlined and sophisticated.

3. Functional Items Can Be Decorative In Tiny Spaces

I knew that the main way to achieve my dreamy decorative kitchen ideas was plenty of detail, but trying to balance this cozy look with keeping the space functional wasn't the easiest.

4. Decant Food Into Aesthetic Containers

When I started decanting my food goods to help them last longer I realized the true decorative potential of even the most basic of foodstuffs in my kitchen cabinets.

5. Always Change Out The Hardware

Learning how to install kitchen cabinet handles helped me to warm up my space and add my own personal touch to my builder-grade kitchen. I swapped out the cooler-toned chrome handles on my cabinets and drawers for brass pulls to add some variation. I made sure to choose weighty, high-quality metal finishes that would feel nice when used to give the kitchen a luxurious appeal.

6. Add Character

Adding kitchen art ideas in vintage frames, along with other vintage finds helped to introduce some character into my otherwise bland tiny kitchen space. I was not in a position to repaint my kitchen, let alone change out the kitchen tile ideas, so adding art and interestingly textured vintage decor pieces broke up the monotonous white walls and black counters.

7. Never Underestimate The Power Of Plants

I think it goes without saying that decorating with plants is one of the most common ways of adding color to a space regardless of its size. I first felt that it wouldn't make sense to add a plant pot or vase to an already cramped kitchen but the bright pop of color it added, along with its interestingly sculptural leaves, introduced some nice variety to my space.

8. Use A Rug To Warm The Space And Hide The Floor

My kitchen has an incredibly old marble tile floor. This may sound luxurious but no matter how much I scrub I know there are some marks I will never be able to get out.

9. Adding Window Dressings Makes Any Space Cozier

My kitchen originally had a simple blind and no kind of exciting window treatment ideas whatsoever.

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