How do you make a patio more private? 9 ideas that will make your garden feel like a secluded oasis

1. Utilise hedges

‘When considering privacy in your garden, hedges make a fantastic alternative to traditional garden fencing ideas and come with a host of benefits,’ explains Jamie Shipley, Gardening Expert and Managing Director at Hedges Direct.

2. Try an ivy or buddleia screen

Another alternative to fencing is taking advantage of some ivy garden ideas to make a screen, or using buddleia. As the names may suggest, this patio privacy idea is a screen made of ivy, buddleia or other trailing plants.

3. Use plants and trees

If you have a small patio idea, surrounding it with trees can give you plenty of extra privacy when dining alfresco. ‘Plants are a natural and sustainable way to create privacy in your garden,’ Dobbies’ Horticultural Director, Marcus Eyles, explains. And there are several different kinds to consider.

4. Consider vertical gardening

‘One of the most budget friendly ways to add privacy to your patio would be to engage in vertical gardening,’ suggests Jamie Robinson, Installation Manager at Value Doors. ‘This means committing to structures like living walls, where you grow plants on a vertical surface rather than on the ground.’

5. Increase your fence height

If you’ve ever wondered how high your garden fence can be without planning permission, typically the maximum height is 2 metres. And in most cases this should be high enough for privacy. So, if you currently have a considerably lower fence, it might be worth investing in a taller fence.

6. Add an awning

Not only can a retractable awning add privacy to your space without compromising on natural light but it is a smart garden shade idea that will extend your living space into the garden all year round.

7. Put up a gazebo

A pergola idea is the perfect multi-tasking structure to add privacy to your space. At the high end of the scale you can purchase ones with built in retractable roofs and privacy screens. Alternatively, if you opt for a simple wooden version you ca load it with hanging plants and vines to obscure the view of prying eyes.

8. Get creative with draped fabric or curtains

‘One effective way to achieve a sense of privacy on your patio is by adding drapes or other materials to create a more intimate dining area,’ says Bridgman’s Styling Expert, Annah Kelly. ‘By strategically hanging curtains or lightweight fabrics, homeowners can not only block out unwanted views but also enhance the ambience of their outdoor space.’

9. Employ a parasol

‘Incorporating a parasol can also offer shade and privacy, providing a stylish solution to obscuring views while enjoying al fresco dining or relaxation,’ Annah admits. Because they are often free-standing, a parasol can be a great patio cover idea for those whose patios aren’t directly attached to their home or an exterior wall. There are also a number which can tilt and lean over, depending on where you need the shade or privacy that day.

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