9 Flooring Trends to Inspire Your Next Renovation, From Checkerboard to Large Tile

Accent Area Flooring

You've heard of accent walls, but how about accent floors? "A unique addition to any hardwood installation is an accent area that is different than the remainder of the straight-laid floor," says Matt Casey, director of Bona Certified Craftsman Program. "This may be an entryway with a unique pattern, a border around a dining area featuring a different species of wood, or a meaningful medallion placed within the design."

Patterned Floors

Every expert we spoke with noted that patterned, geometric flooring is an up-and-coming trend that will remain throughout the year. "My favorite flooring trend thats growing has to be large wood panels and geometric designs," says Elizabeth Vergara, founder of Vergara Homes. These types of designs are prevalent in historic homes, but more homeowners are requesting them in new designs. "I’m excited to see a lot more patterned wood floors going into the new year. Herringbone, chevron, parquet...Bring it on!" says Andrew Pharis, architect and interior design expert with Vertical Arts Architecture.

Lightening Red Hardwoods

"An interesting trend that has recently become more common is an effort to make red oak look like white oak," Casey says. "This is correlated to the rise of hardwood flooring with a light, natural, and Scandinavian feel. With solid red oak being more affordable than its counterpart, contractors are utilizing products that eliminate the red and pink hues to achieve the desired look."

Blurring the Line Between Indoor and Outdoor Flooring

This gives another meaning to bringing the outdoors in. "Some unique flooring trends that our clients have been incorporating into their homes recently are blurring the lines between interior and exterior spaces by bringing exterior tiles or pavers a short distance into the home at floor-to-ceiling windows, creating an interior border around their wood floors," says Pharis.

Large Format Tiling

All of our experts agree—large format tiling is in demand. "We’ve seen a desire for larger format tiles, resulting in fewer grout lines," Pharis says. "We typically run large format tiles straight into showers with the use of a linear drain, allowing for a continuous floor throughout the space."

Checkerboard Flooring

What's old is new again when it comes to checkerboard floors. "More and more spaces are embracing the checkerboard pattern with marble and stone tiles for an elevated twist on the age-old classic," says Ashley Biscan, interior design and trend expert for Floor & Decor. "Opting for a low-contrast palette makes the look more subtle and approachable, like Carrara paired with gray as opposed to black."

Tile That Looks Like Wood

Hardwood flooring can be expensive, but you can still get the look of hardwoods for less by using tile. "Looking to 2024, I think we will see a focus on custom designs and multifunctional flooring for diverse homes, like tiles that look like real wood," Vergara says. "This is a cost-effective and all-purpose option."

Organic Texture

Natural elements are seeing a resurgence in everything from floors to bathroom tile. "Grounding a space in smooth stone finishes and matte wood planks creates a serene style, naturally," Biscan says. "Incorporating pebble mosaics into bathroom flooring adds to the essence of the outdoors."

Layered Materials and Designs

Old and new ideas can co-exist beautifully when it comes to flooring. "Layering designs influenced by different decades is essential for achieving a storied look," says Biscan. "Mid-century walnut paired with polished tile and a touch of brass is the ideal mix and match. Adding architectural elements like tile inlays and borders further defines heritage looks."

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