1. Paint and moldings A simply painted wall is a win-win technique for interior decoration. To give it relief, you can add decorative moldings. Moldings are sometimes painted in contrasting colors, but in interiors close to the classical style, it is better to choose neutral shades or paint them in the color of the walls.

2. Non-standard staining Color block is a fashionable technique that not everyone decides on. It involves the use of color in large fragments. Why not use this coloring option for the TV wall? For example, in this apartment, they combined “fresh” turquoise with white. And the TV screen was just inscribed in a large white rectangle.

3. Bright wallpaper  One of the win-win options for decorating an accent wall that designers use is bright wallpaper. In this case, “brightness” is always relative. For example, in this project, we used Swedish wallpaper in a deep blue shade with a geometric print, and against the background of a light wall and ceiling, they look accented.

4. Wood effect porcelain stoneware Wood look porcelain stoneware is a popular choice for decorating bathrooms, sometimes kitchens, and floors in wet areas. But it is unusual to see it on the walls in the living room. And so it was possible! And this proves the design of the living room of this apartment.

5. White brick Brick is relevant for loft-style interiors, but it is also used in modern and Scandinavian styles. White brick is less pretentious compared to brown. And in a TV area with a white brick wall, you can create an interesting contrast, because the TV screen is black.

6. Wooden panels The tree in the interior always looks advantageous. In any style without exception. And this is a great option for decorating the wall where the TV hangs. For example, in the project of this apartment, veneered wall panels were used, which look minimalistic, but add style and status to the interior.

7. Marble effect porcelain stoneware The marble pattern is another design classic that is unlikely to get old. But today this texture is at the peak of fashion. In the design of living rooms, you will meet it infrequently, unlike the kitchen or bathroom. However, designers use marbled tiles in living rooms as well.

8. Slats Wooden slats have long become a popular interior design material, they are used for zoning and accent walls. And for the wall behind the TV too. Decorate not the entire surface, only the area where the screen is located. Otherwise, the slats will harm the interior, and overload it.

9. Slats + wallpaper The combination of materials is a good reception. Especially if textures and colors are well chosen in combination. Like, for example, here – wooden light slats with the same light wallpaper with a pattern reminiscent of terrazzo.